Miles a human boy who collapsed in a strange wasteland becomes the servant of a prince of a kingdom of spirital and supernatural creatures.

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Chapter 1.

Sol Terra

Sol Terra a kingdom where the Supernatural, Spiritual, and Mortal races live together in complete harmony or so I'm told truth is I'm pretty new and I had never left the castle.

I have arrived in the kingdom a couple weeks ago, I was traveling through the grim grey wasteland which was once my home, tired and hungry I thought I was about to die when this girl found me she gave me food, water and a new home.

She was the personal servant for the prince She vouched for me and he gave me a place to serve, and I've been busy ever since.

I finished polishing all of Prince Ray's trophies and made my way to collect his lunch from the kitchen and deliver it to his study.

On the way to the kitchen a girl in a red dress had walked up next to me with a smile on her face "So you enjoying your time in the castle?" She asked cheerfully. Her name was V but everyone called her Red on account for the red clothes she's always wearing, she was half elf which is probably why people like her so much...elves have a certain charm to them.

"I'm not crazy about working 24/7 but it's better than wandering around the wastelands" I replied casually as we enter the kitchen.

We had immediately been greeted by the head chef a tiny girl with short golden hair. "Miles! Good you're here the prince had asked you too meet with him immediately. It sounded urgent!"

"it's no trouble I was just headed there to hand him his lunch. Like usual"

"It's strange what could he need?" She question curiously.

"Whatever he needs I'll handle it, Don't worry too much okay?" I said as I walked out the room with the Prince's lunch followed by Red. "Red could you please cease any rumors of this meetings amongst the other servants"

"Got it!" She said confidently before disappearing down the hall. I walk up to the study door with the A silver platter in my right hand, I began hearing another voice. I knock on the door. "Please come in" Roy called out.

"My Lord, your Lunch." I said with a grin as I noticed a red haired girl in light armor.

"Miles, this is Meer. She is a Hunteress, a member of an ancient order of legendary warriors" The Prince said quite proudly.

"It is an honor Milady" I said bowing my head to her, She turned to the prince with a smirk.

"Roy? You didn't tell me you've had a human to serve you." She said with a devilish smile.

I look to my prince wondering why it's strange. "My prince? What does she mean?" I've took a moment to think realizing I have never seen another human in this castle.

"You see Miles, Humans have been a rare sight not only in the castle but all of this kingdom. You can imagine how shocked I was when Red had told me about you." He explained turning to the window to look down to the people. "Humans are unique, they are actually the base of every spiritual and supernatural race in this kingdom...they have the power to make their own fate and bend the fates of others, They could Create, Destroy, Save, and Change whatever they please."

"Forgive me for saying this, but I think you're kinda raising the bar a little too high my Lord. Humans as a whole generally are just trying to survive, we have no special powers or abilities." I said but immediately fell quiet noticing the disappointment on his face.

"yes well Miles, Can you take Meer to the guest room, and let the staff know I wish to not be disturbed. I have a lot of work I need to do."

"Yes my Lord, This way Miss" I said leading the huntress oit of the hall. "Meer? What was that about?"

"Huh? As you probably noticed Roy is kinda a big fan when it comes to Humans" she said with a grin as we walk. "Has always loved hearing stories where the underdog hero defeats the big bad evil guy, usually the hero was a human, you probably find it strange for an angel to think so highly of you're kind, considering they make them seem like gods"

"You're not human either I assume."

"Nah, I'm a Demon" she said quite proudly.

"And is Meer like a common demon name?" I asked

"Nope, I choose it because it's a word for simple and I liked it" She smiles as we reached the guest rooms."thanks for the chat, maybe we'll talk later" she said as she goes inside.

"Of course" I said as I returned to my duties.

"Was that really a hunter?!" Red appeared at my side grabbing onto my arm. I gently pushed her off me and brushed off my sleeve. "I thought I asked you to stop the gossip not listen in on it" I scolded.

"Hey! Don't treat me like I'm the rookie! You just started 2 weeks ago and you were a mess!" She said.

"And are you finished your duties?" I asked, She had began starting to look like a kid who had forgotten something important...wait this is exactly what that was.

Suddenly she had disappeared as fast as she had appeared. "Red...What am I gonna do with you?" I trailed off with a smirk on my face.

Once I finished work I had visited the library to relax when I had noticed a girl with long light blue hair with a dress that matched.

"Oh hello! Are you a new servant?" She asked once she noticed me looking at her.

"Oh yeah, I serve Prince Roy" I replied.

"That must mean you're Miles!" She smiled warmly as she her books close to her chest. "My name is-Sierra! I am the Princess's right hand" she said

"The Princess's right hand? That must mean you spend of time with her. How's she like I hadn't had the honor of meeting her yet"

"Oh right she's really nice, she usually spends her time at the chapel. So that's where we usually are. It's nice to relax with a book when I get the chance" she said happily.

I look at the book in her hand "what are you reading?" I asked.

"It's a story about two different worlds, A Lonely girl finds a mirror which connected to this other world where she finds a magical boy which is the other world's version of her. He had granted her every wish but only by giving her everything he had and also- Sorry I'm rambling I really must go" she looked down sadly as she walked away.

"Actually I'd like to hear more about that story whenever you have the time." I said

"Really? How about tomorrow at about this time...or when you're off duty." She perks up as she walked away.

"Sounds good."

"I'll be here!" She said as she disappeared in the book cases.
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