Hunters from all over train their life to find the Fabled Sphere, a powerful vault rumored to be filled with riches beyond imagination. Max's a Hunter who's face is unknown to most people but his name is widely known as the Cold hearted noble and this is his journey for the vault...sorta set in the future of my "Dreamworld" story

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Chapter 1.

Enter the Hunter

Max walked into the town of Plato, a town located in the Desert region of Milestone. Where the sun shined brightly down onto him making it unbelievably hot even if the winds were strong enough to bring a large amount of sand thru the air. He had worn a light brown cape that effectively blended his presence in the desert letting him avoid the bandit groups as he walked the people in town had gave him hateful glares as he passed by and the people inside closed their curtains.

"Hm how cliche a town that hates visitors...In the desert no less." He scoffed turning his gaze to the huge clock tower that looked as if it hadn't moved in a long time. "Here's the place..."

He put his hand on the door but quickly took it off seeing that a large group of people held up guns behind him. "You're not gonna kill him!" a Man leading the group shouts angrily

"You wanna play hero, you'll only shorten your own life." He said pulling out his black steel saber with a red line of energy along the flat of the blade.

They charged at him with shovels, pickaxes, and hammers, But in almost an instant he had disabled all of them sheathing his blade as they all fell over in pain.

"I suggest you all run on home, I have given you a chance that is one more than I usually give people who attack me...There won't be a second" He threatened as he turned to the tower

A man stood up with a sword in his and and a wound in his gut. "You're not going in there..." he said with a pained groan. "Not while I'm alive!"

The man rose his voice using all of his strength to attack, Max gave an unimpressed glare as he gripped his sword. "Heroes don't have a very long life span in this world..." In a heartbeat he had quickly pulled his blade in the man's gut.

"That is a lesson I have learned at a young age..." He mutters in the man's ear.

"I'd rather die a hero...than live as a villain" The man said with a grin as Max pulled the blade out and pushed him down as the people screamed out the mans name.

"Dogs die Dogs...there's no changing that" Max said coldly to the corpse "Let that be a lesson to the rest of you"

He entered the tower making his way up the stairs to the top where the door remained unlocked and a young man sat at a desk with a front view of what had took place down below.

"Glad you let them live..." The man said without turning around as he written down something in his notebook.

"Think of it as your last request..." Max said with a cold voice as he walked up to the man."It's too bad that man didn't listen...Too good for his own"

The man grinned as he put his hand together as if he was praying. but was quickly impaled by Max's sword "Much like you...good night, Libra"

As the man fell his eyes glown a bright green but quickly turned dim.
So Max had returned to the city's darktown a crooked place where all the lowlifes and criminals all seem to wound up, where the air was dark as it's name and it was rare for the sun to actually shine down there he had come here to reclaim his reward for the hit. "You've did a good thing..." The man in the shadows said with a sinister smile the only part of his face that was visible.

"You don't gotta lie to me...Truth is, I don't care if it's good or bad, if I get what I need I'll hunt And kill anyone in this world, That's my job isn't it." Max said with a cold voice as he crossed his arms. "Now Tell me what I need to know and If I find out it's false I'll find you and make sure you pay"

"Fair enough, but you've gotta understand that rumors spread like viruses and it's hard to guarantee what is true and what is fake" The man replied

"Like I care, My word still stands now give me what I need" Max replied

"Alright, The Word in the Town is that there's an ancient compass that points to the nearest portal to the Sphere...and I just happen to have a number of possible locations...I'll P.M you the coordinates."

"Alright...thanks I'll take it from here" Max walked away

"Remember this deal never happened" The crooked man said

"What deal?" Max turned to him with his own sinister grin

"Good boy..." the shady man said before disappearing into the darkness
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