A story of my OC, Nekoda, and @frankiero's OC, Ookami. This is completely fictional and stupid. Thank you for reading!

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     *Flash back*

    Out in the field, covered in the never ending snow, ran a deep gray wolf. His fur was matted with blood. Deep red prints stained the snow, as he continued his trek. Wings battered and bloodied, he attempted to take off, but with a loud snarl a dark brown wolf bit down into his leg. A loud cry of pain ripped through the air. He fell with a loud thump. The mud colored wolf launched itself at the gray wolf, aimed at his throat. With a cut off howl of pain, the gray, male wolf died. The dark brown wolf tore flesh out of the others throat, insuring the death. With a blood stained muzzle, the winning wolf, began to feast. A small pup and her mother watched as the male of their family was devoured.

    She sat, the sakura blossoms falling and blowing in the breeze. Her paws twitched nervously, as her soft, white fur moved in the slight wind. Her muzzle pointed up towards the sky, as the moon made her coat shine and glow. Tears ran in thin lines down her face.
    “Momma!” a cry echoed through the air. The wolf quickly wiped her tears and turned towards her pup, which was running toward her. “Momma! I was so worried!” the gray pup bawled, crying in her mother’s silky white fur. “Nekoda, It’s all right. I’m sorry.” the motherly wolf comforted. Nekoda only moved closer, her body racking in sobs. “I don’t want to loose you too!” the pup cried, her head buried in her mothers fur. The snow white wolf put her paw on her gray pup’s head. “I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.”
     *End of flash back*
      A light gray wolf awoke with a start. She was covered in a light sweat. As she stood, she looked around the still unfamiliar room. She sighed and walked out of the stone room. She skipped breakfast, and left the castle she was confined in. She stretched the under-used wings, and with a running start, she took off. She looked for the field that has caused her so much pain. She spotted the clearing at the edge of her kingdom. As she landed, she spotted a brown wolf a little while way from the clearing. She gasped and lost her balance, causing her to tumble from the sky.
     She fell into the snow-covered clearing. She stood, finally the solid ground was under her paws. She panted as memories passed through her mind. Rustling in the tree line snapped her out of her trance, as the young wolf sat and calmed herself. A wolf with brown fur, with faded white and black on his back. The cat the young wolf was chasing, ran away, while the brown wolf stared at the beautiful, gray she-wolf. “Hello.” The she-wolf said with a calm, but yet curious tone.
      “Hi.” he replied, backing up, fearing he had intruded their snowy kingdom. They light gray wolf, stood and walked towards him, “What’s your name?” she inquired. “Ookami, prince of the Black Cats kingdom.” The male said, bowing. “My name is Nekoda, princess of Snowkeep.” She replied, bowing with the same amount of pride and respect. Ookami smiled and walked forward, realizing Nekoda was not a threat. As he walked forward, Nekoda buried her paws into the snow, nervously.
     He noticed that she was uncomfortable and flicked snow at her. Which caused her to smirk, and flick some back. These actions caused an all out snow war between the two.
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