The Blazingjay

The Blazingjay

Maple is a victor from District 2 who loves to draw sketches of objects and things. She won the 71st hunger games when she was 13, making her the youngest victor ever. But when Snow announces the 75th hunger games, she thinks about starting a revolution...

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1- The Beginning

My name is Maple Clarkson. I am the victor of the 71st hunger games, I have a older brother who is also a victor and my little sister is still waiting for her moment to shine. I am the youngest victor alive, so that makes me the capitol's favourite. My talent is drawing and I love being a mentor to kids. This year I have two amazing tributes, Clove and Cato. I have high hopes for them because they both are well-trained and fully capable of winning the games. And the good thing is, I'm the same age as them. Throughout the years of being a mentor, I have always been younger, but this year, I can finally be the same age as them. Me and Clove are already good friends, but Cato and me are, well, awkward. I don't want him to like me if that's what he's thinking. Besides, it wouldn't work anyway. Would it? Unless he wins, obviously. Clove specialises in throwing knives, which I admire. Cato loves to use swords, which I love a swell. But I won my games with a bow and arrow. Yeah, it's not like a tribute from District 2 to use a bow, but I love my bow. I've drawn so many before, and the bow is my best friend. I don't know what I would do without my bow...
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It would be really helpful if you write down what you think so that I can either improve or add.
17 days ago