MKDM: Mushroom kingdom Demon Hunters

Cyruss has been sent to investigate the strange Darkness that has been spreading around the Mushroom kingdom. His arrival had lead to the Creation of the MDH. Their mission to save the world from the demon spawn...

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Chapter 1

Cyruss readied his blade as the dragon like beast flies towards him. He quickly Rolls out of the way from it "Mario! Now!" He shouts the red plumber quickly jumps on the flat of the sword giving him a large boost to get on the dragons back.

"Remember you gotta hit the head with your hammer as hard as- no even harder than you could!" Cyruss said with a mental link to his head.

Mario sighed before running up it's back and onto the head while smacking away the demons it summoned to defend it with his ultra hammer. He charged up his swing smacking it hard enough to knock it out of the sky and crashing the the mountain where Cyruss was waiting.
He summoned a giant stone spike using the mountain. "You might wanna jump!" Cyruss warned him.
Mario jumped as the dragon landed head first into the sharp stone spike causing it to dissolve into tiny fragments of darkness that Cyruss was able to trapped within special book.
"Nice work! And all we had to do was deform a mountain." Cyruss said with a grin as Mario gave him a look telling him to return it back to normal.
"Alright, fine but you owe me a drink when we return to Toad town." Cyruss said using his remaining energy to turn back to it's rugged self.

Cyruss opens a portal back to the mushroom kingdom castle.

Cyruss had arrived a month ago to deal with the Darkness that unnaturally skyrocketed out of control. He's been sent alone to investigate and terminate the "bosses" that it created such as the Dragon. He had met Mario while he was on yet another quest to rescue the princess from Bowser, but once Bowser had been defeated by the two The darkness surrounded them taking over the koopa army. After fighting their way our with the koopa king he had agreed to help him investigate so he could reclaim his army.

Peach had offered to help and Bowser didn't let Cyruss refuse, along with Peach, Mario has joined and the Mushroom kingdom had it's own demon hunting services.
Later Mario had contacted heroes from other worlds who had agreed to join the cause while their own worlds were safe.
"We caught another one!" Cyruss said handing Peach the book.
"That's great! I'll lock this one away right away!" She said putting the book to her side. Cyruss was surprised to see how well Peach ran a demon hunting organization.
"Did anyone report seeing a devil yet?" Cyruss asked hoping for some news.
"Not yet, but Link had went with Kirby to check out strange monster movements in forever forest. They should be back soon"

(Forever Forest)

"I could have sworn they went this way" Link said as he pulled out his map. Kirby began tugging onto the side of his tunic as he looked at the strange black boos surrounding them.
"What is it?" Link pulls down his map to look down but as soon as he did the they went invisible.
"Kirby, it's just your imagination. Don't worry were safe if we stick together" link said reassuring the little star warrior.


"I'm sure they're fine" Cyruss said dismissing them. "Mario, you owe me a drink"
Mario pulled a few coins out of his pocket deciding one drink isn't worth arguing over.
"Call me once you've learned something" Cyruss said as he walked out.
"Mario, could you keep an eye on him? There's still a chance he's the one who caused this" Peach said not wanting to believe it.
Mario and Cyruss never really gotten along but he never once thought he was the cause of the demon hordes spawning in this world.
He nodded in response before leaving the room.
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