Grace, Part 1

This is Part 1 of the first story of five books. It is the story of a young girl who is born in the middle of a horrible war. The side she chooses will determine the course, and who will come out at the end...

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Chapter 1.


           Stones, mortar, brick. All around her.
          The roof of the building blown clean off.
          Away from the horrid sight. She jumps over a car-2008 Prius-and it squeezes the car. Maybe it doesn’t like green.
   Her legs have a mind of their own. Runs towards the ocean. Thrusts a hand up, and the sand behind her explodes. She buys some time. But not enough.
          Dives into the water. Pushing the currents that push against her, she makes a new path-one that takes her where she wants to go.
The world echoing in her mind, along with many others. Traitor. Deceiver. Abandoner. Warlock.
What have I done? she thinks.

Well, if you want to know, reader, you are at a crossroads. You can either continue, filling your world and life with danger and fear, or you can shut this book right now. Be safe, but never learn further.

Ah. You decided to continue.
The story goes a long way back. Come along, and see what happened to Suzanne Grace, and ordinary girl who had to choose her fate in a never ending war.
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