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Just making character files and stuff for my story's universe. So alright That's about it.

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Chapter 1.

Jason -? (No Specific Surname)

Race: Project
Age Appearance: 17
Occupation:  Demon Hunter Mercenary
Partner: Rebecca (works separately)
Common Team: Cyruss (Leader), Rose, May, Jason

Abilities: Jason has 4 internal Canisters of energy excluding his own "Natural" this energy can be used to, Battle nonstop, Deflect Deadly wounds (Acts similar to the shield in Halo), Heal damage dealt to him, Gives him superhuman strength and powerful reflex that can defy Rose's "acceleration", and even produce just as well as channel electricity throughout his body and generate various electrical attacks.

He could spawn any weapon he could think of, in hand as well as add any effects they may have as well as his own.
He could also summon these in midair in virtually any location in sight and send them flying towards enemies and self destruct anyone of his spawned weapons.

His Body had a mix of Dark and Holy energy which makes him resistant to both types of attacks.

His OverShock is his Ace in the hole where he channels ALL of his energy canister together to enter an ultimate state where his power and stats are increased by 10,000% (And his capabilities are already high) Though he could only hold this form for as long as his energy holds up and can decrease it to a fatal percentage.

He  would control objects within a specific area around him with the power the the dense energy flow that surrounds him.

He has been seen talking about his adventures in other worlds dimensions and universes.... considering if these claims are true his full power is yet to be deactivated.

-There are many of "others" who are similar to him, these people could be able to overpower
-He is extremely confident in his abilities which lead him to be just as reckless, this cause's him to be taken down easily by more... serious opponents.
-He has been on his own for years this has given him a fear of being alone...Which is why he tags along with Cyruss and Rose.
-He doesn't care about himself very much...He believes he was never meant to exsist This increases his reckless behaviour significantly, as he doesn't care wither he lives or dies.

Despite his self-loathing, and Loneliness he is a happy, Carefree, boy who lives to make others smile. He lives for the happiness of others. and never gets the chance to enjoy his own.
Still he keeps a smile on his face so others won't worry.
Few know how he feels within, and none would guess the pain he hides along with the trauma he's endured.
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