Campfire Ghost Stories

Campfire Ghost Stories

Three campfire stories for the whole family! Also, if this is your story, that you put on the Internet, I am sorry because I got some of these from my friend.

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Chapter 1.

The Blue Light

      Once there was a group of people who were hiking in the woods. It was a very old forest, it had been around for years. They walked for a while when the person in the back of the group stopped the others and said he found something. The others in the group turned around and looked at what the person in the back had found. It was a book. A very old book. It looked like a journal. One of the hikers opened the book and read aloud,

           "I was hiking alone in a forest one day, looking for a place to camp when I heard a crackling noise; as if someone stepped on leaves. I turned around, expecting to see some sort of animal, like a deer. But I did not see a deer. What I saw was a glowing, blue light. But I was not worried; I thought it was just some reflection of a bottle left by a person in the past. So I went on and soon forgot what I saw. In a few miles I heard twigs breaking behind me. I turned around; expecting to see another hiker. But I did not see another hiker. What I saw was a glowing, blue light, closer this time. I started to worry and wonder about what the
blue light was. Soon, I found a nice place to set
up my tent and my fire. After I had done so, I sat down and began to eat my dinner. Then I heard a sudden sound that sounded like someone whispering. I quickly looked around and saw the glowing, blue, light; circling around my campsite. I dived into my tent and under my sleeping bag. The whispering noise was getting a lot louder. Then the light was right outside my tent. Then it was inside. Then it-"

        And that was all the journal said. The group of hikers kept going; very quiet. Then the person in the back of the group said he had heard something. They all turned around slowly. Behind them was a glowing, blue, light.
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