Counting on.

Counting on.

A Character from my other story "I Snapped" that my friend @Ginathefox created. THIS CHARACTER IS NOT MINE! How Trixi got stuck in Exiled Demon school. Trixi a happy child LIVING in the ED school as an orphan from the Hound team loved her life until she lost a certain someone...

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Chapter 1.


Where did my parents's been eight years. I never knew my parents. The closest thing I have to family are my two friends, and...the guards. The only thing I have to call home is a horrid place called ED. It's a place where mostly teens go to get tortured. It's like living in a prison, but you still feel free that's how this place kills you. It makes you question what's real, and what's not. Are we free? Are we ok? Where is this place? Who are we? I began to walk to the front gates of the school.
"Hey Tom." I waved to the gatekeeper as the gates opened.
"Be back by!-" I cut him off.
"Six! I know!" I yelled as I took off, but was soon stopped by a voice I knew to well.
"Trixi! Don't free!" Alpha yelled. He's been like a father to me, let alone a leader. He basically adopted me. When I think of parents the only thing I can see is Alpha. "And don't get yourself killed wile your out there!" I laughed.
"OK DAD!" Can you believe leader of the Hound team just happened to take ME in of all people. I kept running. My cape swaying wile hiding my sensitive wings. That's what I get for being a night wing. If you stay in the sun for to long your wings burn off. Stupid humans getting Night wings, and Vampires mixed up...idiots. I ran to my friend's and I favorite place to hang out at. An old forgotten pier hovering over a beautiful lake. A grin showed on my face when I noticed he's already there. "Keleb!" I yelled as I tackled him in a hug.
"Trinity." He smiled. "I got you something."
"You didn't have to Keleb." I gave him an angered look. "I know I live at Exiled Demon school, and am orphaned, but I have all I ever wanted." Keleb just smiled more and opened a little container. "Keleb." He took out a white pendant. "Wha-"
"It's for that cape of yours." He handed it to me. I looked at the pendant then back to Keleb. He was playing with a flame he created. It danced in his hand amazing me. Lucky, Fire demon, Family, Friends, a home, I have all of those, but I don't feel the same. I hugged him as he kept playing with the little bit of fire in his hand. I think I him?
"Thanks..." I smiled still hugging him.
"For what?" He laughed. His flame grew a bit then shrunk back. His face turned a bit red after.
"For For being my friend. You've always been there for me. Thanks." I smiled, and shut my eyes. Keleb's been my hope most of all. I wouldn't be able to live my life without him. I could feel the warmth from the flame grow. I opened my eyes. Kelebs face was completely red as he struggled to turn down the fire. I let go of my hug. "Are you ok Keleb?" I laughed. This happens to fire elements sometimes when they get nervous or zone out. He managed to calm down along with his flame. He sighed loudly the fire vanishing.
"Yeah I'm fine. Don't worry."Keleb smiled his face still a bit red. I clipped the pendant onto my cape. "I knew you'd like it."
"Like it? I love it." I cheered a bit of red showing on my face too. Yeah. I love him. "So what are we going to do today?" I asked.
"I don't know. What do you want to do today?"
"Hmm...swimming?" I shrugged.
"Trinity. You know I can't swim." He smiled before making another flame.
"Fire demons CAN swim it's just YOU alone don't know how." I laughed and hugged him again. "You know what? We should just hang out today." I'd be lost in this hellish world without Keleb.
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It better be!
ok NOW first chapter finished.
on June 18, 2014
on June 18, 2014
Hey we have Qfeast to communicate for the summer, and ur dying ur hair!
on June 18, 2014