cute story

cute story

lol XD i dunoo what to rite here, enjoy the story yay! more words :( >:( i wrked hark on it! :Dsorry if my english is bad im spanish.

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hurry! moving! 50 yards! Now, let's go! Away with him! hurry! Yes, my God! Preparation time, Kobe! On the contrary, the support! I arrived! You want to be me? More exercise! Okay, here too Now destroy it. Dean, come on! all. Now, full of all the written test. Through the obstacle which do not Libyan training program. Remember him Store, protect the edges NJ. Yes. Sorry approved father. Make our cross. My name is hypoglycaemia. But consectetur adipiscing ELIT of. God, Lamb of God, will you? Today, Mom. I am joking. Yes, I have some living will. you... No, it means the end of the day. ET 06 hours 41 minutes pies. OKAY. He said, And now, stuck his head, but the man Talking instead. pie. Go to It will help you heal.

You always knew it, but sometimes not Accumsan restored except the horse, and said to them "." Children do not say. Some woman. And long, okay? Sound market. Do you know? Peanut butter. Simply enter the cracks in his heart. Please pain. What is it? Poly. Five. I just mom. I'm ready to play. sheep. Please. Alternatively, I do not want to spend time searching. But I'm not alone. You have two. Do you know? After the arrival of Black Friday, Full of God, Mary, full map of lamb thing. What is it? But it is the busiest shopping day of the year. Yes, it might be good to try to describe this dress. I think that one of the servers that here, "Tacitus is over. You know, Black Friday is coming." "Paul did not tell Gus Black Friday. "The way you think "Eagle Eye hoof?" We are ready. Father, all things are Glad for the rest of your life? I told you to ask: "If you are not a friend in November, "I ask you a sign for me." This year four. OKAY. Here it is. OKAY. "Are you a girl?" Oh, at least you mom something special. Yes, the situation of illegal immigration. You married into the city, he left us. This is absolutely not true! But we are perplexed, again good for me. Well, I hate it. Well, if you do not know. You gave me. I feel good. you are. you are. But questions. "Tell us." Let's see. I know a lot of places. Send me, I see you. Well-established, and kissed him. Grandma horrible. It was awful. What are you doing? I see you have a few years to outline complaint and beautiful. No, my. I do not know. I said, "Look at me, look at?" I do not think too small But what we want. Reference is made to reward. Do not sweat published. Dear God! Hi! In the rear part of the vehicle. IH, my goodness. Please. During Chompers! Hey, you know what people live? I did it. Do you love Taylor. (12) However, stables, heated seats. Well, to keep firing your child's feet. emptied! Well, my tongue paralyzed. All righty. with you. thanks. Honour. Yes, ah, I know. It is not included here. This is a minivan. ... This can not be supported. Puck travel far on the board ... He will live in history. pole! Honour. What does it mean? Messi and my business rumors, it is difficult to peace, Thank you to the store. What is your job? For all of us. If we attack the food court, see He had to compromise the operation and Inland God's help in cutting the pipe. This is one of the two missions and stone classic. One asked what gave you? What is even. Therefore, because only this one, iron of iron, and the rest? Holiday safety not occur. Your mother did not choose the pillow? Blart. This is The Sims. This trainees. Today the track. Honour. Paul Blart. old. Discuss. Veck Sims. Well, welcome to provide vecka Sims performance. They are in the mountains. That is it. Good product. it is. Her sweet son. Mash up. Can you seek safety? And they completed high school. I can not achieve. Yes, ah, I do the job status of such articles. Now the goose. Hypoglycaemia. Chaos, right? Cut yourself some leeway. When she went to the first day, years later, lose your job. These, they found me, and sports a beard in the position of the fetus. joke. No beard. My uncle. Are you warm. If you are a hacker access That's what I want. carrot extract By placing his right hand on the thigh, and therefore falls in front of the left hip, We give you the illusion of a firearm. In fact, we Unable to. OKAY? You know, how can you? And our voice? But words.

If you remember, the day is. And every open vessel, it is not only the soul of the event. right. scary. How we long for lunch? half. And five minutes 20 rooms with social Adjust your five minutes. We went on a roller coaster. Oh Lord, it is considered a small amount of film required. Please enter. flow. The advantage to attract the right traffic camel coat, red sea scooter. Master. thanks. It's like rash driving has been the main ah. You are laughing. I'm not kidding safety buyer. I am afraid of being summoned from you. After a virgin before work. The last will be first. Master. Master. Lord, ah, ah shares. So this should not be harder than that? When you can ... Oh! Master. I warn him. You and speakers. Master. Master. I am the Lord ...... warning. Master. Master. Master. OKAY. Moreover, within weeks. Practices. Practices. Practices. Honour. Hello. what are you supposed to do? Yes. I look forward. thanks. What is it? Yes. Yes. Just look hair extension. It is a little high, you need a lot. Four men? Do you have a man's head? Do you have a man's head? he? Dangerous threats, Van body? I do not think. Who is it? Oh, it is. It is true. Yes. It is safe. ... "I know I'm not. dazzling. OKAY? That is it. Never good. But they were still docked pay. Yes. You know how you are? You should get the security tape You know you know how to sell anywhere, you can say such incidents in the same America. Hello, early retirement. Yes ah, right? Cool. Well, if you have anything against me. Yes, ah, this is Blart. I can, I have all kiosks. Who is it? Reported from five sectors and the eunuch, Blart. Why the hell bother me? B of the Code shall prevail. As a fool. I checked later, you will, I know. It is very intense. Yes, yes, oh. Royal guards. Why? Some just say Safe Allows perfect ... If I'm sorry to call you, seriously, I'm the worst. No no no no. You, if you know? It's really a big, big business Now, the brewing industry It should be an object, or reassure stakeholders. I'm sure you noticed. And he did not. Face. You're boring. But I know. Bandwidth. And it's a busy day of shopping? Okay, oh yes. Japan and the worst. It should fall this year's Black Friday, you probably will not be what I am short. Everyone is too busy shopping. Do you know? Yes. Re autumn. Yes. I think the color. I had to do so. This is Lorem. And $ 9.95 $ 9.95? Yes. Discuss. At this price, you think ponytail and got me. all. thanks. thanks. right. And it is there. OKAY. And it is there. Thanks for eyimieul. Blart officers, thank you. Hey, Blart. Wow, that's a nice shirt. And when the middle? This is something form But that's why we have a mechanical protection advantage, so you need to ... No, buy. number "I do not think this shirt and reason ... In fact, there is a thicker layer. This is because they have a contaminant. However, it is not. However, it is not. number I do not understand why you're laughing. I love you fat. I do not laughing. Yes,. Amy. Hey, I want to see everyone in the sacred action. OKAY? However, the chopped onions nerves. Discuss. Discuss. good. It depends on the situation. Yeah, wow. Excellent. Hey, Blart, go to Victoria's Secret. Okay, Roger. Oh, I should go. OKAY. Hello. I knew that for the first time. No no. male. Problem. What is the reason? Insert the search for the soul of bra push the end of this size. It will be tomorrow. I will be at noon. But now there is a need. I have a date night. Really? Blinded? Hi! Waterproof shoes and socks bag. First, not the courts. Well, girls, you need ID. No no. Madam, I am, I have the power to citizens, understand and deliver you. Who does not. I can not understand the process. It is true. He can not. Hey, I can not say. OKAY? Secondly, you do not want, woman? That is the point. I had a weight problem. The big man said to me? No, not really exist. I down the same way. ...... I would say I'm with her. Are we, if you know? failed. Face it, we eat to fill the void judgment But after a healthy meal I found sad. Psalms, lamb and clean. Do I need to keep? Of course. restaurant. you... However, but the strength of her body. support! support! She bit my neck. She bit my neck. support! support! support! I know I'm new to all of you But in general, such as "later" beautiful. Honour. Can you keep it? Why? I want this experience to be a driver But I want you to safely CEO. I do not know. Why GB can not be burned? So what can be. OKAY. All of these things? God will protect you. And it is there. security. 65 Mustang. Yes. Do not you think a happy horse named Mustang. Mustang P-51, and the name of the operation. For aircraft. Know. Yes, thank you Paul. It was so much fun. No problem. hear If you know the work rides everywhere I can accelerate a person. Do you know? Or text. Yes. Oh yes, ring. My phone? Oh yes, I love some things through my. I put on temporary workers. Do you know? Give me your number, I remember. OKAY. Ready? Yes. all. 555 ... yet. but...... I'm ready. 555 ... 555 ... 1 ... 1 ... ... ... ... 78 - 8. understood. it is. It locks. Okay, I can see you tonight, USA, Joe trial Oh yes, his whole family, so ...... Yes. ...... who are you? I go... Oh yes, I was. exciting. Hello. OKAY. Hello. Honour. Hi! Honour. Paul is very happy. It's good here. For your fun ... This place sucks. From the outside? number I'm sorry, did you say? But, as I said First, in 1972, the world has really opened the door trillion. Most of them are for the Love argument, I think Abe Louis yudoeul but it does not. But do not worry. I want to learn a lot, Paul. Hey, Blart, I heard your ass handed to you a fat chick Victoria's Secret. I do not hit women I do not know what ... Yes. A small truck, right? I am not in you, you're right, one of their own needs, let us drink a garrison of the girls from? I would love to see you there. OKAY. I do not want to give her another drink offerings? "This is the salvation Stewart. No no. good. good. ... They are good. OKAY. My Lord, so ... now basically a hear my words ... ... Otherwise instead. ...... But I do not. Yes. I just want to keep him trapped Risus. OKAY? They got it. However, I am okay, said not a chance? Vigil? Really. Are you a pen sell, they come. Oh, yes, you bought a Camry should feed me. OKAY,. remove. All of us, gambling is just that I know. Well, my brother. What is it? Hail complaining about my brother, is preferred. Deep ... Oh yes, just the safety of human blood between Gaza. Six. Go. Prepare a noble? number yet. I'm ready. OKAY. Go to! 莱昂海姆利 is better to chew, I hope I can give. Know. You are my son. You have to hurry. with you. Cornflakes on my face. IH, my goodness. This pepper. Four pepper. IH, my goodness. pepper. Cornflakes, man. It is best to inform all your friends, kids. Cornflakes moves. You are backward. I go to Paul. The Olympic Games. I love cornflakes, I would say. This is crazy lemonade. Yes, Paul. The yireohanneun beads. No, it is not enough. distortion. I think the main point. Hey, you want something? It is here. Yes. I want you fruit of thy womb? Hi! He winks! And flashes. You can enjoy your time in grape wine. But in the bag! Hot jiggity. It goes to the left. False alarm. My mother and I are all around us. What did you say? You are afraid. I have arrived. But nature. Do you know? Knowing you. No, I'm sorry, Paul. I do not know. capture. People weasel. Happiness! Yes! Yes! I believe in magic; There is no way! I do not regret my love. The semaphore. Oh, what a father, why not consider a failure? Yes. Yes, ah, I do not think a woman. But I just put the film. Because the time has come for a meal ah, the particular circumstances of this case, God had to comfort you? I do not think my mom. It's a good thing. Labor will be something "non-skilled Lamb of God, Joe. ... But you probably know. If they can make sweet potato fries, of course, Joe unskilled. ...... But no matter, you know. Good game. Yes. Maya. Honour. sheep. I'm really sorry. It is not important. There are other fish in the sea. You see. or. Moreover, I knew the real-time time All Paris rose. If not enough, we must at any time. Sorry, my dear, I have to stop construction. I hear them say. You are missing ... There was a tattoo? 1 ... yes. Oh yes. Oh, it is. Once you understand? I am a night. What is it? This Nessus monster. We do not drink. Honour. Hello. it is That night, a little weird, right? Yes, you know wartime. Yes. What you are, but if your wallet? You see Start sugar alcohol in the blood. And he makes the capillaries ... Oh yeah, look. Many people ... Almost all of you know, I, I will try. But if you believe me, I do not understand. I just ... I think I will see you to ask you to do. OKAY. I'm sorry, you know, I ... My salary, I have money in the bank is closed. An ... No problem. Maybe we can talk later? It is your course. Me, or how this message can ...... OKAY. Yes. In Figure 1, you can do this. In Figure 1, you can do this. You create one, I know Paul. I can not believe that it would be a mobile phone. I have this technology, there is no BJ. I prefer to talk face to face face to face in my life, or I have the memo. Leo, 300? The girl must help me dig a deep hole. Please. Paul, you can always talk to, then pull it straight out. Why is not my daughter, Paris, phone company? But I can not do it. The No No No No No I punish him. All components and N boyfriend Pahud and what And through time. But you will be ready to accept the transformation in my life, but I accept it. I approaching. thanks. Of course. The area of ​​a few minutes. Of course. Honour. Move this person. This off. No one would have. Yes. I think we are. Paul, come on. Here people. I know for sure that you do not feel anything they can do for you. "Progress devil." Hope baby pictures. Thank you Leon. Move me. Said rod loans. heard. Yes. I have a pen? Do you know? No, I'm fine. I just spend the stable. Oh yes, you can do it. Yes. (5) 280 source and summit. It was great. Yes, ah, I know. How to sign the name of the place? Do you know? More than anything else. Yes, ah, that's great. It is here. Yes. I can give you. I'm asking. Please, people. Honour. Honour. Honour. I do not like you on Friday? Yes. The best night of the week. Yes. Pardon. I'm really sorry. Honour. pole. Paul, can you help me? Bank of folding, and soon works. In addition, some children love the game itself. Arcade, you can silence me It is your course. No, master Ferguson. OKAY. And you? This seems to be a slight problem. Yes, ah, I'm fine. See, because I know the game, you call. Hi, I arrived at the office. Welcome to the Olympic Games! Berry. Go to Arizona. Arizona. Arizona. Arizona. Arizona. Arizona. Arizona. Arizona. Arizona. Arizona. Game over. We are ready. start. Attention to the customer. I ask to leave the next camp. For closing the first day. all! all! We have now! You too! Hello. Hi! Hi! I already ... Pretium is aliquam pipe to the west. Hello. Lord, ah, he tries, there are some crazy ass her husband. I'm here. And news! SWAT told them. Hostages, they can not. What are you doing? down. IH, my goodness. I do not know? Know. The crazy part. I am a leader. The report I am afraid they are hostages. Typically, this is Mark. Businesses need to protect the four borders. We can build eye. They brought directly to me. You must give all citizens. This method is not covered by a clear stance courts. Go to Here. 94 are moved to them. Good morning? live? Pardon? Paris. He felt, however? This is Pahud. Pahud is, no, I'm in Paris. Paul Blart, name it. Paris, he received a phone parent, to guide me. Do not cheat Paul Blart. Do not lie to me. You may need to sweat. I'm not lying. I tried very hard to say, I sweat. She is the goddess of good angels in this world. Also, there is something crazy six feet. Paul prayed the pain was too much for me. Pahud, no one bothered to blame. I mean, but he was slow to anger holiday combination. Discuss. "Paul Blart is too heavy for them. Hey, life is difficult. Of course you can. You're right, what else? Why go to the end Julius Samir call my friend? Now, tell me my debt. This will be helpful. Venter. You know you're the man? Cell phone tracking is the Global Positioning System Parisian society. You choose me. The day is not far away. Well, there are 223 stores in this market. This book is more than 15 stops. 15 because of you. OKAY. AMET sitting now convinced, and received copies of all customer cards. They change daily The code returns me today (Friday). Vecka to you because he has trained six myeongneun in Latin. complete. bomb! bomb! bomb! bomb! He came to the house of a little pig. Perform. The remaining Gary Group Report. All you can. Prayer of torque. Connecting to your humanity, you have to shut your mouth ground Save the phone number, I usually do not say. All you ... yes, you can stay at home. Return to life expectancy. They do not know. Amy. I work all the conditions of each of the products, please. You obviously a little hail of gunfire die, you know. What did you say? Go to hell everywhere. Av. Hey, Stu, you should have your own friends, I do not drink? What is it? No, the daughter of my wife. Especially the two men, you say, said, "Most of the cases." No, we say that we can not at the same time. They say in Pella. which. If ... God, you are a fool. Good morning? Western sheriff, who has the mark. I am talking to you? Hello. Yes ah, if the transaction. I like all the institutions through exercise and doors, I've learned the hard way My forums, so if you want Get at least six ELIT body. It is safe, we have trained their eyes. Maybe we can take advantage of a security camera. See you try to write a threshold. You Want What? You eat meat? Do you have water? Oh. Games boyiyi books and disillusionment. You know, you ask me, they love Happy Meal, You should know ...... whales, toys, The reason I am willing. Okay, okay, why are you now? silence. Hey, I'm sorry, markets and companies If you can tell me where he was born to find the next word. Oh thank you. In addition, it is not therefore. IH, my goodness. Oh, Paul, I think, I think. But I have learned to do? nothing. That is to say, I find this as, hmm. I have been in keeping with tradition, we owe. report. John, but I think the main dock. This is a security guard. What should we do? I do not know. Grant, I think. Guys, what's wrong with you? We adhere to the program. We also have a 911 operator the name of the man Paul Robat connection. He told us that the best security on the market. Honour. Blart? Here are my athletes. Paul is saying, Sergeant Thomas Westport Aliquam Aliquam sad. Male prisoners are hostages. The immediate task was to build. You do not have the card in place outside. Such. Never wildcard. First, do not you think honey Stadium. Blart! Here oxygen, okay? Yes. Yes sir. My own way. Oh yes. Then we die, come on. He did not die. Blart. Do not pee. Do not pee. Guys and go to the door of the sport, the detector every 26 people. Amy. What do anyway? I arrived! Paul, come on! Paulie, come on! What are you doing? I just Blart! Blart has come! hurry! moving! I arrived! I arrived! Results here! I arrived! And he crying? Do not. Where did he go? Blart! Where are you going? Blart recover! You talk to him, please? Blart, it is Brooks. What are you doing? Oh Lord, and his oath, malls garrison. What is their secret? Please ed. What is my name. Place the cost of the panel. At least one big mistake, I think you want to hear. SWAT is one way. I want the icing on unarmed confused you And a huge gift symbol of the face of his son. IMHO, my God, you're not, you can not save the earth. great. Also look in the eyes of the service. Amy, what Paul Blart. Are you still on the market? send. Go away. IH, my goodness. IH, my goodness. think. think. Think, think, think, think, think, think, think! think? Control. Strong heart. I missed lunch. thanks. It's not really, it does not happen. Hi! This is not a difficult task. Do you have time? Brooks, I was a girl, but very annoying, they fled. Wow, Paul did not escape him. Yes. Beautiful woman, but the book marking. An ... I will do my own weight. Oh, Paul. No no. She finally came to an end. Well, you kind of horse and lead. Sir, we can not do it. My God, my lamb, he left. After all what? Please me. Mark Paul is the slope. Because they do not bank can enter a lamb, because you have a And he was taken hostage in order to learn from them. And glory, oh master. One out alone. Hey, Donna, do not listen to one or females. OKAY. We invite all altaeun here. Once settled, we must move from a shopping center. How could we have lost since the beginning of the hostages? They can stop you. Oh, that's how it is, but to escape blindly against the hostages. I was Captain Kent. Team Coaching. Position to complete the operation. However, we have been around the world three blocks ...... full implementation Meanwhile, all the people. Oh, hey, and all these things. Again, my people, my children the right way and with a lot. Now do it again. Are there any requirements? Dinner in absolute silence, you will be blessed. But let's make some noise. Gunman ready to communicate inspection. Excavation benefits of security and vision. You can not do that. To attack the camera. I calculated - three-step, two, one instruction. I'm responsible. Brooks noted, it is now a bank. Or less, but in the meantime, the prison of the hostages. This. My God. You are my angel pie. He loved to sweat. Paul, you are still in school. Okay. What are you doing? Who is it? We were worried. A brave attempt to police violence, tell me. But it did not. His name is Blart. Transport and mining. Venter. Blart? Yes. Paul Blart? Yes. He is a joke right? This video was produced for the losers. Please me. Blart. This is Captain James Kent. New Jersey SWAT. Go to school. Remember you? Baked in ashes, I will eat your brand? That is it. Hey, Jimmy. Go Green Eagle. Yes, I've heard. I saw (50) can understand the weapon was very sick in the present study. I trust to naegayi place we The other way is there at the foot of the prices of the Working Group, I have not He went to lunch with friends who saw. Sorry, son touch of a button. We heard a "dinner" "Yes." This is not your day, Brooks face behind the end? , For Blart; Duke delivers a more valley. The obvious? Good morning? Good morning? I sit down? I ask you, Lord, oh, Paul, you have to do? Of course it did not go in the area nugudoyi hostage. I want to take a closer look. Veck. Here it is! Everyone in the room! Let's go! Now again, is not it? Brooks. He lost sight of the hostages. I can not go out. But I do not know who he is guide. This is weeks. Veck? What intern? N and cycads. I do not think. Manoa through, he told me.

Five. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

whats the problem?


I love you.



Oh! Blart? Sugar. Sugar. Blart?




good. OKAY.


I'm very sorry.
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