One Peice of Pocky (Skydoesminecraft X House_Owner)

One Peice of Pocky (Skydoesminecraft X House_Owner)

Do the Pocky game! Challenge accepted! What if a simple peice of Pocky. Turns into a huge Friendship relationship into love birds. (Please note this is for fun)

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The Game

Adams (Skydoesminecraft) POV

"Hey guys! Sky here and today im with Ross!" "Hi." Ross said in a normal voice. "And today were doing something a little different, instead of stepping on Lego bricks or watching Max Being mad. Me and Ross are going to do the Pocky Game!" I Explained. "Yea. POCKY!" Ross smiled normally in a depressing lazy voice. "So the concept of this Game is that I'll be holding one side of the pocky with my mouth and Ross has to get the Pocky without using his hands. And it cant crack. HE HAS TO GET ALL THE POCKY." I explained and turned a bit red, "does this mean I have to touch your lips?" Ross blushed and asked in a Confusing voice, "Well this will get totally sexual, they're probably going to take this down from YouTube." I stared at the camera with a scary face. I took out a peice of Pocky and put one side inside my mouth. "Okay," Ross Leaned closer and started biting the Pocky, But he bit off half. I ate the rest. "Dude this is so Awkward." Ross Blushed. I took out another peice. "Dude we have to do it." I said awkwardly. Then I took the other peice and placed the other side in my mouth, Ross leaned closer. But he did the same thing like he did at first. "DUDE I WANT TO GET THIS OVER WITH!!!!" I said in an angry tone, my whole face turned red. "Kay dude!" Ross said in a tired voice. I took another peice of Pocky and placed the other side in my mouth. Ross Leaned forward and started biting the Pocky, he passed halfway and was closer to my mouth. "Third times the Charm," He said in a soft calming voice. And his lips touched mine, "What is Happening? I have a Wife and Child!" I thought. Ross put his arms around me, he already ate all the Pocky. He kept on hugging me tight. I took my arms and hugged him. He got off his chair still kissing  me and sat on my lap. "THINGS ARE HAPPENING SO QUICKLY" I thought looking into his closed eyes. He let go of me and blushed. "Well folks thats the video hope you subscribe and see you next time! BAIII" as I flew out of the camera. Then I shut the camera off, "Im not posting this." I said in a gentle voice, "Hey, dude. Im sorry!" Ross Blushed and apologized, "Its okay." I Replied.
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