The challenge Revived #1

The challenge Revived #1

51 competitors battle for there life, but at the end. Only 1 person can stand

published on August 07, 201875 reads 13 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Black hole

(There was a story line, but I scrapped it. )(I started it where it wasn't cringy)
John: What? someone explain what happend
Ryan: Ok.  Alex made a machine to black hole closer, but it got to close and we're inside a block hole.
John: Ok? Then... who is this.
Pred: aiugaih a nkavauyq amnba
Ryan: Some random persom inside the black hole. just use a translator on him and your good.
Pred: More idiots stumble into my land.
Pj Doll: We're not idiots.
Derp: Thiz Dirt tazte funnies.
Pj Doll: Well most of use aren't.
Tori:How about you show us the way out and we'll leave your land.
Pred: Look over at that rocket.
John: Doesn't look like it will fit all of us.
Pred: Only 1 person can leave. So you'll battle for it. Winner gets to leave.
Mars: Well who's the host.
Pred: Me.
Barrb: Who mades you host.
Pred: (Snaps)
Barrb: (Dies)
Pred: Anyone else have a problem
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on August 07, 2018