Cold days

Cold days

Sophia and her girlfriend, Ali have been together for several years now in a peaceful town, but the peace has been disrupted by a young man with a cold expression. Who is he and why is he here? Wait is he planning something? (Honestly these chapters are gonna be short because i don't have the patience to write forever)

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Chapter 1.

Meeting the kid

I sat outside in the cold winter laying on the freshly fallen snow behind my shed space. Looking up at the overcast, winter sky. I smiled to myself as i heard footprints walk over to me and a woman with dark hair stood over me. "Sofia!" she exclaimed with a sweet smile. "I finally found you, you... You idiot" I laughed a little bit. "Good to see you too my star Ali," I sat up and looked up at her. "What's wrong?" I asked and she pulled me onto my feet. "Nothing I just missed you is all." She says pulling me into a warm embrace. My mouth curved into a smile. "I guess i missed you too," I told her softly. "You guess huh?" she said, picking me up. I crossed my arm and sighed hard. "Al I know im short you don't have to rub it in hun," I said with fake anger. Ali rolled her eyes and pressed her lips against my cheek. "I dont care, I prefer to hold you in my arms anyways." I sighed and allowed her to hold me, she was rather warm i had to admit.
After a bit i managed to squirm out of her arms and land in the snow. She smiled to me, a cute smile really you could tell it was real the way her green eyes glittered and the smile lines on the corners of her eyes. I chuckled. "Ill be back in my shed if you need anything Ali," I said as I walked past her. "Okay! Be careful though I heard something over there and it didnt sound good," she told me pointing east towards the woods. "Don't worry I'm always careful!" I assured her. Ali raised an eyebrow at me as I stopped to look at her. "Oh dont look at me like that, I promise you I will be alright if you promise me the same thing," Ali put a hand over her heart and her left hand in the air. "I swear to you Ill be fine," She promised. "I dont believe ya," I said with a sneaky smile as I crossed my arms. She narrowed her green eyes and walked over to me. "Want me to convince you?" I chuckled. "You dont have the gal to convince me," She then leaned down in my face and placed a firm kiss on my cool lips. "Hows that?" Ali said after parting and pulling her mittens on better. I closed my eyes and shrugged into my scarf. "I guess that's better," I sighed. "But i better get to work, I speak with you at home," I told her as she smiled yet again. "Okay see you at home Sof I'll talk to you tonight, love you," I felt my cheeks heat up a little bit, never got used to the way she said that to me. "Y-yeah," I stammered like an idiot. "Love ya too Al," I then walked into my shed and closed the door.
As soon as i got in I heard a knock on my door. "Strange... I could have sworn i just said bye to her who could before I came in maybe I forgot something." I thought quietly as i opened the door and was greeted by a kid who wore a dark green sweater and jeans stained with red, probably ketchup... I hope. "Uhm hey there" I said to the Stranger. He acknowledged me with a small friendly smile. Was it friendly? I sensed something off with him but i couldnt place my finger on it. He held up his hands and signed a whole sentence I wasnt great with this but i could recognize the letters A, C, and E. He was telling me his name I took it. "Hiya Ace," i said allowed signing out each letter. "My name is So-fi-a" He smiled and signed out letters now. "Nice to meet you Sofia, I was wondering if you could show me around, Im pretty new to this area." I nodded. I held up one finger and grabbed a big blue bag with a smile. "Now we can go," I signed for him as I shut the door and walked with him into town.
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