The story of Switch

The story of Switch

Switch is a human fused with her cat. This happened wile her parents were working on fusions in their lab. Continue to hear the rest

published on August 14, 20177 reads 5 readers 0 not completed

Chapter 1

I emerged from my room in the morning as usual, but saw something else. I had just had my sixteenth birthday, and my parents told me to expect a surprise. "Hi," my mom said "We have a surprise for you!" "Cool, what is it?" I said, still checking my phone as my parents spoke to me. Today was also the end of the March Break, and my friend woke up early and was texting me. "We got a new job" my dad started "As a scientist!" My eyes shot up from my phone to their faces. "You do know, I'm getting a job soon? You really don't have to do this...." I mumbled. "But of course we do" My mom said. I noticed that we're acting strange, and I noticed that my brother wasn't awake yet. Sure, he got a holiday break off of collage to see us, but he's not THAT comfortable right?? Than, my mom grabbed a small black and white kitten. "We know you've wanted to have you're own cat all you're life..... but this is the only one we could get. He was small and helpless..." My mom added while giving me the kitten. "Hm... what to name him...... Nightmare?" I said, but the name sounded like it was more for a completely black cat. "Hm" I paused, remembering something, a game. She reminded me of Night in the Woods, and now I had decided his name. "Mae" I said. The kitten looked up at me a mewed a greeting. He put his small, wet, nose into my cheek. "I bet he' s hungry" my dad pointed out.

"I suppose you're right. We could use our other cats food?" I suggested. "No, he need to be bottle fed for now" My mom said with a hint of pride in her voice. "Wanna come with us to the lab tomorrow?" Dad asked. "That sounds fun!" The next day had come, and it was time for me to see the lab. I brought Mae, just because I didn't want him to think I left him. I stepped inside the lab.... and it was amazing! "Our first research...... fusions." Mom said, her voice full of pride. "Cool!" I said as I walked over to were my dad was. "You could always help us with thu fusions.... be our subject?" He suggested. "And Mae could also help?"
"Sure, will it harm him?" I asked cautiously. "No" my mom said. Next thing I knew, I was placing Mae in the machine, ready for it to be all over, or for a brilliant fusion.i stepped in my side of the machine, and my parents counted down "3, 2, 1!" I hope this isn't the end, I thought. A brilliant light filled the room and I crashed to the ground in an explosion. Looks like they're plan had failed. I blinked, looking down at my hands I flinched. One of my hands..... wasn't a hand. It was a paw! A FREAKING PAW!
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