Annoying Things Moms Do

These are just some of the really annoying things your mom does, we have all been there when our mom just ticks us off just a little bit we want to never ever talk to her again but here you can say all the annoying things your mom ALWAYS does.

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Chapter 1.

Awkward Annoying Things My Mom Does

Opening your door staring at you for five minutes and leaving without closing the door back.
Calling you by your totally horrible nickname in public.
Asking you if that is the boy/girl you like right in front of the boy/girl you like.
Making you eat too much and then complaining that you don't exercise enough.
Asking you if you think that boy/girl is cute because they go to your church and are "nice".
Pinching your cheeks in public and reminding you how cute you were as a baby.
Stealing your food and cutting it into a million chunks at a restaurant.
Asking for a sip of your drink AKA give me the whole thing.
Telling you to come greet guests that you don't know.
Forcing you to take medicine when you aren't sick.
Making you help your younger siblings with their homework because they have too much.
Taking your cellphone from you because your eyes need to ''rest''
Replacing the remote in your hand with a book and then watching TV themselves.
Asking you personal questions in public and actually expecting you to answer them.
Screaming at you in the car.
Forcing you wear something that is super ugly in public.
Making you're pay for the groceries in the store.
Asking you why your always on my Myface and Instabook.
Forcing you to friend them on social media sites.
Complaining that you need to get a haircut and then complaining that your hair is too short.
Forcing you watch TV with them.
Kissing you and hugging you like they aren't going to see you in fifteen years.
Buying you something every time they go to the store.
Going school supply shopping five months in advance.
Asking you questions while your in the shower or using the toliet and then saying EW when they notice.
Telling you ask your dad and your dad telling you to ask your mom.
Saying that you don't need dessert.
Bringing up promises you made when you were 9 years old.
Buying you a present for each holiday.
Bringing up things that happened years ago to make a point in an argument.

Hope you enjoyed I have many more super annoying things your mom does. Tell me if you want annoying things Dads, Sisters, Brothers and twins do I would be more than happy to add those in.
Also what are some annoying things your mom does all the time type them down below to get a shout out in next weeks chapter! See Ya!
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