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Ruby is treated unfair all the time just because she is a orphan and does not have fancy clothes like the other girls. She is 13 in 9th grade. She's shy and Quite, but theirs a lot going on in her head. Read to find out what Ruby does! I am Sure You will like it!

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First Day

First Day

The hallways are crowded with talking kids. Ruby walks down the hallway looking at everyone wearing there fancy clothes and she can all ready tell that she's not gonna fit in at her new high school. She walks to her locker where there seem to be no one around. "Hello there, Girl" says a voice next to her. Ruby turns to face the voice to see who it was. She sees a tall blonde hair girl wearing a mini skirt with a Fancy shirt. "I said Hello, Are you gonna say anything?". Ruby just stares at the girl and says nothing, just stands there. "Whats your problem? You Rude or what I mean Gosh you could at least say hi back. Well what ever!" as the girl walks away she flings her hair  back behind her. Ruby does not know what to do, She can already tell that, That girl was going to be a problem. So as Ruby was before, she opened her locker and placed her books and book bag.
***BING BING BING*** The class bell rings and the hallways becomes empty almost instantly. Ruby walks to room 124 for her first class of the day. She walks in and sits in the back of the room by her self. A few seconds later the girl she saw early was walking and a going tords the middle of the room. Ruby did not think she saw her. So Ruby just sat there and waited for class to start. "Hello class, I am Ms. Murf , And i am your homeroom teacher and first period teacher. Since i don't know all your names yet i would like you all to come up and say your name and one thing you like. So lets start with you.". She points to a Girl in the front of the room. She stands up and say "Hi, My name Kerry and i like Soccer!". Then she sat down. They went threw the first row of kids then got to the girl Ruby saw earlier. She stands up and says "Hello, I am Alyssa. I Love Cheer leading and Hanging out with my friends.". She sat down and then the rest of that row of kids went.
Two seats before Ruby sat a Boy, He was tall with blonde hair, Skinny and strong, He was super cute. Now it was his turn to stand up and say his name. "Hello everyone, My names Matt and um i Enjoy playing football.". Next Was Ruby, Her heart dropped she couldn't breath, What Should i do. She sat there and waited to be called on, Scared. ***BING BING BING***. Ruby was saved by the bell. She waited for everyone to leave before she did.
***Hello Students, Today Since its the first day we are going to end the First day here. Remember to be safe on the way home. Good day.*** Ruby could not believe the day was already over it seemed like they had not been here long. She looked at the clock in the classroom. She had been there for 2 hours already. Since Ruby was an Orphan she had no "home" so she walked to the park near by and rested there till morning. Her book bag contained her very few things of clothes. She sat there in the park agenst a tree sleeping dreaming and wishing. "goodnight world" she whispered to her self.
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