It's Okay (Suga X Jungkook oneshot)

It's Okay (Suga X Jungkook oneshot)

This was originally a roleplay me and some random person did on ShamChat recently, and I thought it was really cute so I'm putting it here. Rated G for gay.((Bangtan Boys fan fiction))

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Its Okay (Suga X Jungkook one shot)

Its Okay (Suga X Jungkook one shot)

Original roleplay here:

Rated G for gay


Suga had just stepped out of a shower and was in his room with a towel around his waist. It had been a long day of dancing and performing as the Bangtan Boys, a K-pop group Suga was happily part of.

Unexpectedly, one of Suga's fellow bandmates, Jungkook, opened his door at the wrong time, and seeing Suga in nothing but a towel flustered him.

Jungkook walked into Suga's room and gasped, blushing and covering his eyes quickly. "I'm sorry, hyung! J-Jin says dinner is ready!"

Suga looked down and his eyes widened. Right.
"Agh. I-it's fine." He said. "I'll be down in a minute."

Jungkook still had his eyes squeezed shut to avoid any more awkwardness. He nodded and turned to leave, "S-Sorry again.."
"Its okay."

As he walked out quickly, the K-pop star took a moment to think about the band's youngest member, Jungkook, or Kookie.
Kookie was the youngest of them all, only being eighteen while the rest of the band were in their early twenties. He was sweet and a little immature, but that was fine by everyone because he made up for it by being nice. He was also dating Jimin.

Suga finished getting dressed and went downstairs for the dinner Jin prepared.
Jungkook blushed again when he saw Suga arrive downstairs. He quickly turned to talk to Taehyung before conversation could ensue about what had happened less than ten minutes ago. Suga sat down with a small blush and began to eat.

As Suga was about six minutes into his dinner, Kookie stood up from the table and bowed to Jin before leaving to go to his own room.

Jin sighs and waits until Jungkook is gone before speaking. "Kookie isn't eating properly, guys. He always leaves most of his food or doesn't eat at all. Can someone talk to him please? He wont listen to me."

Suga looked up, his face stuffed with noodles. "I will," he said, swallowing the rest of his food in a rush. "Be right back."
Meanwhile, Jungkook sighs and sits on the bed, playing Piano Tiles on his phone.
Suga goes to Kookie's door and knocks. "May I come in?" He asks quietly.
He hums a yes and looks up at Suga when he walks in.

As Suga sat down next to him on the bed, Kookie could tell this was going to he an actual conversation. Bleh.
"Yes?" He said, figuring he'd start the conversation.

"Are you alright?" The older male questioned. "You haven't been eating very much lately."
Jungkooks eyes widened and he looked down at his lap. "I-Im fine. Just not that hungry."

"Really? You know you can tell me anything."

He looked up at the older male and bit his lower lip, "Yeah.. I'm okay.."

Suga gave a soft sigh. "Alright.. If you say so.." He stood up to leave, but turned around and smiled. "But.. Try to eat, okay? I don't wanna see you get sick."

Suddenly, Jungkook hugs Suga, his head resting on the olders shoulder.
Suga stiffens a little, have being taken minorly freaked out by the sudden contact, but hugs his bandmate back. Normally he would go to his boyfriend, Jimin, about this. Why him?

"Maybe I'm not so okay.." Jungkook mumbles. Hearing what he said, Suga grunted and frowned. "I knew it. What is wrong?"

"Me and Jimin broke up a few weeks ago.. We didn't tell anyone but.. it hurts.." Jungkook teared up and held onto Suga tightly.
Suga gasps lightly and holds him tighter. "Awe.. I'm sorry Kookie.. It'll be okay.."

He sobbed into the elder friend's shoulder, clutching onto Suga's shirt.
"Shhh... It'll be okay, its okay.." Rubbing Jungkook's back, softly whispering "shh" over and over to soothe him seemed to work.
Jungkook wiped his eyes and looked at Suga, "Thank you, hyung.." He whispered.
Suga softly smiled. "Of course."

He leaned in slowly and kissed Suga softly, eyes widening when he realized what he did. Jungkook pulled away. "Sorry!"
A wide blush covered Suga's cheeks, but said, "No, its okay.. I'm kind of glad you did that, anyways.."

Suga leaned in and cupped the younger's cheek with one hand and ran his fingers through Kookie's hair with the other. Kookie gazed into Suga's eyes, arms wrapped around the olders neck.

Their lips met again, the kiss being soft but passionate. Suga continued to run his fingers through his counterparts hair.
Jungkook moved closer to Suga while they kissed, sliding into the olders lap. He deepened the kiss by tilting his head to the side.

Suga removed his hand from Jungkook's face and moved it to his lower back, wrapping his arm around his feminine waist to keep him from falling off the bed. "Mmm.." He murmured.

Kookie lightly gasped as Suga's arm came into contact with his waist, but otherwise didn't question it.
Stifling a chuckle at his cute innocence, Suga pulled back for air and exhaled slightly, looking into his counterpart's georgous eyes.

Jungkook panted slightly and looked back at Suga, playing with the olders hair.
Suga gave a small laugh pecked his nose. "Cutie."

Kookie blushed slightly and scrunched up his nose. "I am not cute."
The teen's lover smiled and moved some hair out of his face. "Yeah you are."

"I'm not, I'm manly. Manly man."
"Yeah, but you're a cute manly-man."
"Hnng, I'm not cute!!"

Suga laughed and very gently punched Kookie's shoulder. "Whatever you say, Kookie."
Jungkook fake gasped and held his arm, pretending to be in pain. "Hyung punched me!"

Suga grinned and tackled him onto the bed, laying down next to him. "You're a very manly cutie-pie."
Jungkook curled up against Suga's figure, poking the olders side.

Looking down at Kookie, Suga pressed his face into the other's hair and inhaled its sweet scent.
Jungkook soon fell asleep against Suga, exhausted from the days events.
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it shuld be jimin x kookie or me and kookie but suga is ok too i guess
on July 08
um lol chill
This was a shamchat roleplay, meaning that I didn't get to choose who I was rping with.
(XD I'm joking, you can OTP whoever you want)
on July 08
on July 08
on July 08
ur gonna be a fan
on August 28
on July 08