Daisystem's Story [ This is gonna be shOrt ]

[ ` Her parents and brother cried out to her, their terrified screeches hissing above the wind. Daisykit didn't listen. Her instincts screamed at her to help them, but her paws sailed away from the three deaths, drawn in by the gorge. ` ]

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Chapter One

Daisykit stood with her brother, their cool pelts blown swiftly by the wind that hissed against the earth. "I don't want to do this . . ." Murmured a small, creamy tom. "Flurrykit, you're so boring." Daisykit hissed. She bounded away. She slid out behind the elders' den, and headed for fourtrees, where a Gathering stirred loudly. She slipped into a small bramble bush, but recutantly bounded back. 'I have to disguise my scent!' She thought as her paws sailed away. She leapt into a clump of damp ferns, to wash away her pungent scent. She slipped in behind the bushes that surrounded the island, and sat. The Gathering hadn't started, she could sit and catch snippets of conversation, maybe even enemy clan secrets. Her paws tingled. Daisykit was roughly the size of an apprentice, slightly larger, since she had been held back from being an apprentice until her seventh moon. She didn't mind, since that way she could have play fights with the other kits, and undeniably win. She'd done that a few times already, people thought she was 'too rough!' She could show them rough, but didn't dare. Ever since a young age, the secretive kitten had trained with a force of cats that had wronged the world, a place, known as the Dark Forest. The only source of light there was glinting claws, shining, bloodstained teeth, and glinting, rage filled eyes, that resembled the darkest twilight. She liked it there. No talk of the warrior code, or of helping each other. Why, she hated helping others. It burned. Her eyes narrowed, and fixed coldly on Duskstar as she started, the beautiful, and new leader of ShadowClan. Her eyes were shining amber, and her pelt

was black and gray, as like the shadows that danced across the ground as day fell, and the dusk broke it with the cool rays of the moon. "Cats of four clans!" Her loud, pretty meow rang loudly across the clearing. "We gather here under the light of the full moon, to celebrate another moons pass, and to share on recent news." She went on, when a small murmur of agreement fell to an abrupt silence. "Not much is happening within my clan; prey is running well, and we have another litter of kits, born to Nightlight. We honor their presence, even if kits are a nuisance." A small ripple of laughter broke out. Daisykit got extremely
bored, and eventually fell asleep. A paw, claws unsheathed, prodding her head woke her. "Daisykit!" It snarled angrily.
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