The Lake And The Fox.

The Lake And The Fox.

Lake had lost her only daughter, River. When she meets Arctic, her world takes a new whole process, it was like...she finally had her daughter back.

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one shot-

She felt soft paws on her ribs and she lifted her head up, a soft smile on her face. She knew it was her lovely daughter, who was named River. "Mom!" River squeaked out and Lake sat up, tilting her head at her daughter. "I caught a bird!" River squealed as she nudged a bird toward Lake. Lake's eyes filled with pride and affection, and  so did her heart. "River, oh my! I'm so proud!"

"RIVER!" Lake screamed as she ran through the rain, her long tail trialing behind her. "M-MOM! HELP!" River's voice screamed in terror as Lake ran. Lake ran toward her daughter, the rain stinging at her fresh wounds. "I'M COMING!" Lake yelled as she pushed herself harder.

The others that had took River had gone and now she was dangling off the edge of a cliff, barely able to hold herself up. Lake dashed toward her daughter only to be pounced on near her. One of the ones who had attacked them were back...

"MOM!" River screamed as she felt herself losing grip. Lake pushed Orange off of her and ran over to her daughter. River lost her grip...and fell off the cliff. Lake watched with wide eyes, full of tears, as her reason to live fell. "R-River..."

Lake awoke with a jolt, tears stinging her eyes. She sat up, rubbing her eyes gently with her paws. Her heart ached with pain and heartbreak. She looked out of her cave, snow covering the land before her. She numbly sat up and walked out. She was awfully weak. She had stopped eating correctly since River's death, maybe eating once or twice a week. You could see her ribs, as well...

She stumbled across the plain, her eyes fixated on nothing. Her paws numbly fell into the snow and lifted up from the snow. She didn't even notice the coldness...she was to numb. Her tail was wrapped around her tail gently.

A soft whimper noise made her ears perk up and her to look at the ground. There it was...

a small, fluffy arctic fox. Clearly a young one at that. It was curled into a ball, sniffling. It was shaking from the cold. Lake bit her lip and felt something stir within her. She picked the young one up and ran back to her cave.

She sat the fox carefully on the moss and rubbed her gently with her paws, trying to warm her up. She stared at her, thinking 'You dont have a name, do you?' and so, she named it. "I'll call you Arctic." Lake meowed soothingly as she continued to rub her paws against the shaking one.

Lake rubbed Arctic's tail gently, singing to her quietly. "The sun will rise," she continued, her tail gently wrapping around Arctic's paw, "and you will rise as well," Lake continued as she moved onto her back.

She had finally got to the ears and she carefully rubbed them. This...reminded her of River...and she felt complete again. Like she had a daughter again. A soft smile crossed her face and she laid beside the young child, wrapping her tail and bringing her closer.

"You are my new daughter, Arctic."
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Beautiful, hoping for more chapters!
on September 10