Glass Rose

Glass Rose

She wakes up and doesn't know anything. Her name, age, where she is. She's being hunted. She doesn't know why. There is only one thing she knows is her destination; The City of Glass Rose.

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        She had been running for what felt like forever. Her shoes were worn, despite them having been new when she started running. Her hair had fallen out of her ponytail, and it hung in her face, which made it harder to see where she was going. It was the dead of night, the moon shining above the leaves of the trees, casting its silver gleam across the tops. Breathing hard, she kept going. How long would she run? No, the question was how long could she last? In the distance, she saw a hill; a single hill that stood out in the moonlight. She kept running to it. It would be her safety. She was almost there! Yet her arms were heavy, her chest aching, her legs numb. She had to keep going. Glass Rose. She needed to get to Glass Rose. She collapsed onto the grass, not able to move farther. She wanted to get to the hill though. There was almost always a bunker in the hills, from the Great War. She tried to crawl towards the hill, but her arms wouldn't move. Terror filled her. She was going to be caught! She was weighting her options when she felt someone put their foot on her back, pinning her down.
"Well isn't this a beautiful sight? The little one is all tired!" The man laughed his cruel laugh, knowing she was doomed. She whimpered. Pain was spreading from the spot where he had his foot on her back.
"Any last words little one?" He asked. She turned her head. A gleam in the moonlight and the man's wicked smile told her that it was soon over. She kept her mouth shut. He shrugged.
"Fine by me." He raised his weapon, and was ready to swing, ready to kill her. But as it fell towards her, she heard a gunshot. For a terrifying moment, she thought she'd been shot, but then the man fell. The girl was confused. What had happened? Her head was swimming, her vision blurring. She could faintly heard voices shouting, but she was loosing consciousness. She tried to stay awake, but it was no use. Her head fell to the ground.

        My eyes slowly opened. There was a blinding light, so I closed my eyes again. I opened them again, and waited until my eyes adjusted. I looked at the nightstand beside the cot where I was laying. It only held a lamp. I swung my legs over the side, waiting until my head stopped spinning before getting out of bed. I walked around the divider and saw three adults sitting on a couch by a fire, all laughing. I wondered if I knew them. I stood there for a moment before they noticed me.
"Oh you're up! Glad you're awake!" The man said.
"Don't bother her Martin! If she wants you to be glad that she's awake, she'll tell you." The woman barked.
"You're such a bother Georgia." The last one mumbled. Georgia looked at him and gave him a withering stare.
"Excuse you?"
"Georgia, leave Max alone please?" Martin asked, raising an eyebrow. Georgia sighed and mumbled,
"He started it." under her breath. I looked at them. Did I know them? Where was I? I rubbed my forehead. I had woken up last night (was it last night?) in the forest. My clothing had been covered in dirt, and torn. Someone had been looking for me, and so I had run. Then I passed out...
"Do I know any of you?" I asked them. They all looked at me with a weird expression.
" don't remember?" Martin asked, leaning forward. I shook my head.
"I don't remember anything. I woke up last night and that's as far as I can remember."
They looked around at each other, confused. Like me, they didn't know what to do. How can you cure amnesia?
"Well just...just rest for a while okay?" Georgia said, concerned. I looked around. I didn't want to go back to sleep. I wanted to stay and ask questions. So instead, I sat down on the couch next to Max. The three of them all looked concerned, but didn't argue. They went back to their conversation, and I listened, hoping to find something that I remembered. They were talking about trade and different cities, and it suddenly hit me. I sat up.
"Glass Rose." was all that I said. They looked at me, concerned, confusion, and excited.
"That where you're from kid?" Martin asked, curious. I shook my head.
"It's not where I'm from. It's where I'm going."
Martin clapped, grinning.
"Well kid, you finally have a destination! Something you remember!" Georgia slapped him.
"Idiot! She doesn't remember her name, yet you're celebrating her remembering a city?" She sighed and leaned back.
"We could give her a name." Max suggested. I looked at him. I wanted a name, something to call myself.
"We could name her Sebastian!" Martin shouted. Georgia jumped at him sudden outburst, and scowled.
"What kind of name is that for a young girl?"
"It could very well be a girl name!" Martin cried. I laughed, making Max smile.
"We should name her Zoe. It's a very nice name for a young woman." Georgia advised. Max shook his head.
"I don't know. I think...Yami. We should name her Yami." Max announced. I smiled.
"Yami. I like it."
Martin and Georgia sat on the couch, mouth open, having been ready to argue. I laughed. "I like the name Yami."
The two relaxed and gave a tired smile.
"Whatever you like kiddo." Martin informed. Georgia nodded in agreement. Now I had a name and a city to go to.
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The name of this city is amazing! 'The City of Glass Rose'. And the story's awesome! :3
Thank you!
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