My weird fanfictions

Different story each chapter!! Hope you like these, and just so you know, there's gay shit, so stay off if you don't like that, and there is no Y/N! There is my made up characters to go along with real idols.

published on December 08, 20209 reads 6 readers 0 not completed
My weird fanfictions

..... So...

I have none published to qfeast currently, sorry! I always forget to, and I made stupid errors on the last one that was uploaded (I seriously just caught them smh) so, I deleted it. :(
Please be patient for them to be uploaded on here! Also, if there's certain idols you want me to make fan fictions for, I'm open to any ideas! (Preferably romance stories, because that's mainly what I do, and sexualities don't matter, I'll do any!) Thank you! I hope you enjoy them in the future!
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