yours truly

book of super shitty short poems and memoirs of an average high school girl living in a tiny close knit town

published on May 197 reads 3 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

home in your eyes

some say they get lost in the eyes of their beloved
but when i stare into his eyes i feel anything but lost
as we sit together on the old wooden bench
the one with flaking paint, in the center of bicentennial park
we watch the cars pass by.
count the bricks of the townhouses across the way
listen to the birds as they flutter around the sky and serenade us with the songs of springtime coming.
and i can’t help but stare into his crystalline windows of baby, baby blue
bluer than the sky above us
so cool and crisp, yet so soft and warm and welcoming.
and as the sky begins to darken, and the cars passing slows
i think to myself
what did i do
to deserve to be so young and so in love
and feel so at home
in your baby blue eyes
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Comments (1)

A female author! I love it
on May 19