Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

I don't really know what I was trying to accomplish with this. Yay for parental abandonment and racism. I was also too lazy to edit this so sorry if there are any grammatical errors. I promise that my professional writing is a lot better but I can't post it because I want people to buy it.

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Chapter 1.


        “The witch was cornered by Calin and the other hunters. Her eyes filled with fear and worry as the torches burned brighter. And she had no choice but to surrender,” Hailey read dramatically. Damion, her nine-year-old son, rolled his eyes.
        “Yes, mama. I know what happens next. I’ve only heard the story trillions of times before!”
        “Then tell me,” Hailey smiled. “What happens next?”
        Damion’s eyes lit up.
        “The witch tries to use her magic to trick everyone, but Calin outsmarts her because he’s so badass,” he stated proudly. His mother rolled her eyes.
        “You know what your father would say if he heard you using that language, young man,” she teased. “And if Calin is so badass, it’s probably because ‘he’ is a ‘she.’”
        “Girls can be witch hunters!” Damion exclaimed in surprise, earning a laugh from Hailey.
        “You’re such a boy!” she chuckled as she ruffled Damion’s hair. “Anyways, it’s bedtime for you.”
        “But I didn’t hear the end of the story,” whined Damion.
        “I thought you already knew it?”
        “I still want you to read it….”
        “Well,” Hailey sighed. “We can finish the story tomorrow.” Something in her eyes hinted that she was lying. However, Damion was still a mere child. He was yet to learn the difference between a lie and the truth. “Goodnight, my dear.” Hailey kissed her son’s forehead and turned off the lights.
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