A Dark Path

This is a story a friend has asked me to share/help with, the plot is about a strange dark world where one guy must do whatever it takes to figure it out~

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     A world shrouded in darkness and seemingly frozen, a dream or reality? Why was such a world manifested, what is it's purpose? This never ending abyss with a atmosphere to it that made it hard to breath, like one was drowning yet not. Barely clinging to what little oxygen they could manage to get into their lungs. If this place was a dream, it would be more classified as a nightmare. One person was about to learn exactly how this cold, dark, desolate, and silent world works. A world where you could scream and not even hear a echo.

     A single soul, laying on a seemingly flat surface that is the ground, which is like a clean slate with no detail at all, appearing just as dark as the rest of the place. the person seemingly in a void, a world with no light yet the person was still clearly visible. His eyes slowly opening yet to his alarm, he still sees nothing. he would close and open his eyes a few times until it sunk in that he is in darkness. confused as to where he is and a bit dazed, he would slowly get himself up. Now standing on his feet, he moves his head as if to look around, hoping something would come into his view. His mind beginning to ponder what he is doing here and exactly how he got here. Something startling then began to arise in his brain. It wasn't just how he got here that he couldn't remember, but he seems to can't remember a lot of things. He can't even recall his name or what he looks like. The only knowledge he is finding in his brain is the basic knowledge needed for thinking and problem solving.

     As his mind continues to ponder and process what's happening, a voice began to echo breaking the silence. So crystal clear the words as if it was in his head. "If you don't begin moving soon, you're going to die here". His eyes widened and he begins to look around trying to locate the origin of the voice he heard so vividly. "Hello? Who said that?! Where are you! Better yet, where am I?! Who am I and how did It get here?!" He says in a Sporadic voice as he now knows he isn't alone, yet he gets no answer from the voice. "What do you mean by die... Is something going to kill me?" He tries to calm himself down. He felt a shiver down his spine, not just from the voice, but from the realization that it's getting cold. He begins shivering more as the air around him becomes increasingly more cold to him, or was it always this cold and he was just now noticing? He decides to heed the mysterious voice as he began to walk forward into the darkness, unable to see exactly where he was going. He figures if he stayed here for too much longer, he would most likely end up freezing to death and took the warning the voice gave him as a hint towards that.

     He continues to walk forward with no idea exactly where he is going. As he walked, the voice began to echo once more from within. "Good, keep going... the warmth you seek is up ahead. Just one of many warm spots in this cold world, just take a look around, you should be able to see them". His mind begins to race again as he began to develop a headache, his vision began to grow blurry and distorted. As he fell to his knees with the pain growing worse worse, he placed his hands on his head. He then noticed something amidst the sudden pain and vision impairment."are....are those stars?" Lights began to shine all around him off in the distance, like a night sky. His vision began to return to normal as the headache subsided. He slowly got back on his feet as he looked forward, noticing one of the lights are closer than the rest. He would begin heading towards it, unsure of exactly what to expect.
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