Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 9

Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 9

Description can to die for being way longer than necessary. Oof, they uskc.

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Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Joey: There are a 10 cybops. And only 9 cookies.
Laurens: Don't give it to Thomas.
Luna: Just eliminate Thomas now.
Thomas: I will kill everyone who says that.
Angel: Must be alot of people then.
Joey: Ok. First cookies go to.... Jaz, Angel, Kiri, and Laurens.
Laurens: Oh yay.
Joey: Casey, Aster, and Luna also safe
Joey: Attmoz. You too.
Attmoz: Wooo!
Joey: Steve and Thomas. Your the bottom two. And the final person safe is....
Kiri: Hold it. Where are our cookies.
Joey: I passed them to you.
Jaz: We never got them.
Casey: *mouth full of cookies* yeah...
Joey: Seriously. And the final person safe is Thomas.
Thomas: HA!
Steve: Awww... ok. Guess I'm going to boat of losers.
Joey: yup. Its over there.
Steve: *trips on a rock*
Joey: Try not to hurt yourself too much on the way there
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Comments (3)

Tristen isn’t even remotely scared of the dark.
I’m just going to list what phobias my characters that are in this story have, just for fun.

Tristen- Pistanthrophobia - the fear of trusting people. (He’s had many bad non intimate relationships, so he has no interest, and is sometimes afraid of even trying to start an intimate relationship.)

Max ain’t my character, See More▼
so i gave Adira the right one. doing aquaphobia.
and everyone else got a random one.

wooo... 25% correct
Neptune was supposed have a pet bird, so uh
she aint scared of those fuccers unless it had some weird ass transmittal disease
on December 30, 2018
on December 30, 2018
on December 30, 2018