Prompt Stories

Prompt Stories

These are stories for a writing club I'm in started by Luna, and I, and a few others

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A love story (promise you won't cry)

Divided into two groups thinking about how the actually story should have went Lily Grace and Harrix were apart of these two groups. Lily Grace apart of the love story group, and Harrix apart of the Stupidity of the youth. This is their story.
        Lily Grace walked the halls with all her books held tightly to her chest so no one could knock them out of her hands, being different was difficult for her. Her teeth were perfectly straight, she didn’t have a lisp, the only thing that made her apart from the other students was that she was the smallest one there being 5’6 and everyone else being taller than her, but that wasn’t the only problem she worked at a restaurant, and her family was poor.
        Harrix a former football player captain was the tallest he wanted to be at 6’0, he had everything his family was as rich as can be. The only flaw he had was he absolutely loved shakespeare it was the only thing he would read. Many made fun of him for it, many didn’t care. He knew a lot of people who joined the club, one was a girl named Lily Grace. She was smart, very smart. He liked her a little bit because they had the same interests. One day the group split into two because one thought Romeo and Juliet was a love story and the other though it was stupid youth. Lily Grace was apart of the love story group, Harrix was apart of the stupid youth group.
        While walking through the halls Harrix ran into Lily and made her drop her books. “HEY! Watch where you’re going please.” that was the first sentence she’d ever said throughout the whole school year.
        “So you speak?” He reached down and picked up her books “Hmm, Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, never expected you to read outside of Shakespeare.” he looked at the other books and there they were 3 books written by Shakespeare.
        “Yeah whatever.” she reached for her books and took them out of his hands. “See you around.” she walked away quickly not knowing Harrix was glancing at her smiling.
        They saw each other more often, bumping into each other. One day Harrix was confident enough to go up to her at her locker “Hey Lily.” Lily jumped startled that someone actually came up to her.
        “What?” she asked
        “I was going to a play and I was wondering maybe you’d like to go with me?” Harrix asked her
        “I don’t know.” Claire a girl in the group walked over to them
        “No she can’t go with a stupid youth, she’s gonna spend the night with me.”
Weeks have past, and finally she started to hang out secretly with Harrix. Months have passed and she started to become a popular person because her and Harrix started dating.
        “Hey Lily come to my party?” someone asked her
        “Sure.” she replied, she walked over to Harrix's locker and noticed a note. “Not gonna be here tomorrow or today whatever day you’re reading it, something’s come up I’m not so sure you’ll ever see me again.” Lily dropped her note along with the other things in her hand and ran to Harrix’s house and opened the door and ran to his room, and saw him on the ground. “NO!!” she screamed before falling to her knees and crawled over to him and picked up his head and set it on her lap. “Why would you do this?” she asked even though she knew he wouldn’t answer, she found his phone and dialled 911 telling them about the note at school, and the way she found him at home.
        Weeks later was the funeral, she showed up and sat in the first row next to his mother crying because of the sad thing that happened, no one knew why he did what he did, but it was the first guy that Lily fell in love with and she wasn’t going to lose him. The day afterwards, Lily grabbed something and “NO!” her mother screamed as Lily was on the floor, dead just like Harrix was. Together they would be.
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