In a world of Darkness 5 Cities Stand Tall as a Symbol of Light and Hope Protected by Heroic Elites known as gaurdians humanity is at its prime of Defence and Peace But how long will that Last?

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Chapter 1.

Character Intro: The Hero (Axel)

Axel POV
Year 2008-Summer50
Axel (10)
I walked for 3 days straight in the Rain and Mud...
I'm so hungrey, So tired
the Village were there any other survivors? no Everyone I know, My Friends, Family Everyone I saw them die by the hands of those Creatures.
Fire Filled the Sky as I escaped
Even our stronges warriors were no match.
I could have done something, It's my fault
It's because I'm weak.
I look at the little sword on my wide
If I can't fight than what good am I?

Year 2015-Summer10
"Axel, why do you want to become a Gaurdian?" The Master Gaurdian asked
"You know damn well why" I replied angerly as I crossed my arms
"yes but I want to hear it from you"
I stood there silently for a moment before awnsering "Because I was weak I ran and Everyone I knew was slaughtered, it was all my fault"

"So you feel like you should have stayed and fight along with the rest of the warriors?"
"No...Yes? I don't know"
"If you did you would have surely been killed"
The Master Gaurdian remaned calm as he spoke, showing almost no emotion.

"Maybe It's what should have happened"
"Do you mean it?"
"Axle, what drives you? is it revenge?"
"No, I want, to Make sure that no one ever has to go thru what I went thru"

Master Gaurdain POV

He spoke his words with a fire in his eyes, he was definatly her son.
"That's a Big burden you carry, you'll never suceed alone" I said as I walked towards the exit
"Luckily I have just the people to help you welcome to the Gaurdians young man"
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