Child of Lucifer

Child of Lucifer

The child of Lucifer is after the man who cast out her father from heaven and into the unholy place called hell. Trying to get more Satanists together she forms an army trying to take back what belongs to her father.

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Chapter 1.

Prologue: Lucifer (Satan's) Fall

When the day came for heavenly beings to appear before the Lord, Satan was there among them. The Lord asked him, "What have you been doing?"
  Satan answered "I have been walking here and there, roaming around the earth."
  "Did you notice my servant Job?" the Lord asked "There is no one on earth as faithful and good as he is. He worships and is careful not to do anything evil."
  Satan replied, "Would Job worship you if he got nothing out of it? You have always protected him and his family and everything he owns. You bless every thing he does, and you have given him enough cattle to fill the whole country. But now I suppose you take away everything he has-he will curse you to your face!"
"All right," the Lord said to Satan, "everything he has is in your power, but you must not hurt Job himself." So Satan left. Job 1: 6-12

  King of Babykon, bright morning star, you have fallen from heaven! I'm the past you conquered nations, but now you have been thrown to the ground. You were determined to climb up to heaven and to place your throne above the highest stars. You thought you would sit like a king on that mountain in the north where the gods assemble. You said you would climb to the tops of the clouds and be the almighty. ~Isaiah 14: 12-14

"Mortal man," he said "grieve for the gate that is waiting for the long of Tyre. Tell him what I, the sovereign Lord, am saying: You were once an example of perfection. How wise and handsome you were! You lived in Eden, the garden of God, you wore gems of every kind: rubies and diamonds; topaz, beryl, carnelian, and jasper; sapphires, emeralds, and garnets. You had ornaments of gold. They were made for you on the day you were created. I put a terrifying angel there to guard you. You lived on my holy mountian and walked among sparkling gems. Your conduct was perfect from the day you were created until you began to do evil. You were busy buying and selling, and this led you to violence and sin. So I forced you to leave my holy mountain, and the angel who guarded you drove you away from the sparkling gems. You were proud of being handsome, and your fame made you act like a fool. Because of this I hurled you to the ground and left you as a warning to other kings. You dis such evil in buying and selling that your places of worship were corrupted. So I set fire to the city and burned it to the ground. All who look at you now see you reduced to ashes. ~Ezekiel 28: 12-18

~Quoted from the Bible

Lucifer was once and Angel, he fell from the heavens because he tried to take God's throne after God had said to worship the humans instead, but he didn't so he was cast out of heaven and into hell where he became known as the Devil himself. ~Mae
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