The Acid Waste

The Acid Waste

Acid Waste is a character of mine and he has a story. A story with so many down you'd think it's a tragedy story by William Shakespeare, but it isn't. Just read to find out. (Warning: If stolen and re-posted as your own. You will be reported, but you may share giving me credit)

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Chapter 2.

Chapter 1: The Green Child

I woke up to the sound of kids squealing in delight. I sniffed the air to smell bacon, yet I was not hungry. Was I suppose to be hungry? For I was unsure.
I have no true name, but I like to go by Acid. For my all green clothing and hair and my acid like skin.
I sat up and stood rubbing my eyes. I got ready for the day and walked out of the room, which I had share with boy orphans. I walked out and looked at the paper on the wall.
'Twenty familes looking for children. Ten families will be visiting February, seventh, nineteen-twelve.' (1989 in our world.)
I sighed. Knowing I won't be adopted. Yes I might be Five of this year, but no family takes interest in a green boy.
I walked down the hallway that had blue wallpaper filled with toy cars and toy blocks. The wooden floor creaking under my feet. I soon came upon the stairs I've seen a million times or more.
I walked down and saw the young and old girls and boys. I walked over to the group of five year old. I stood out like sore thumb. Obliviously I came from the rare folks who were born to be advance and more knowing of the soon technology. A family, A blacked hair female maybe in her thirties, and a white hair male, maybe in thirties as well, Entered. I watched as they scanned the room and their eyes landed on a boy next to me.
Micheal was his name I think. He wore a green hoodie and had a evil looking mask that hid his face.
" That boy there with the mask." the male spoke.
Micheal stepped up and the male nodded.
" His name is Micheal and fill out this paper sheet and his yours." Miss. Tinter said telling the male and female and handed them a clipboard with a paper and pen.
"You kids may go get breakfast in the cafeteria and for you Micheal. Come meet your new family."
I watched the kids leave and Micheal goes up to his new parents. I soon walked away to the cafeteria and wondered when I could start school.
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