The Acid Waste

The Acid Waste

Acid Waste is a character of mine and he has a story. A story with so many down you'd think it's a tragedy story by William Shakespeare, but it isn't. Just read to find out. (Warning: If stolen and re-posted as your own. You will be reported, but you may share giving me credit)

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Chapter 1.


"We can not care for him Dex." A female spoke holding a baby boy. Two to three days old.
"I know my love. We will have to give him away." worry and sadness dripped in his voice.
"He will be safe though." The female spoke once more.
"let head to town to give him to the orphanage. Before the sun rises" Dex had spoke.
So they started their walk to the orphanage and the female knocked.
A tall kind looking women open the door to see the female.
"May I help you?" The women spoke softly.
"Please take my baby boy and take care of him. We can't for ourselves." The mother spoke.
The lady took the boy seeing his green blanket that wrapped around him.
"I will, but you must go now" The lady said.
So the father and the mother of the child quickly fled the city. As the sun started to rise into the sky making the night fade
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