I Snapped

I Snapped

I snapped a story about a 13 year old named Rain a demon that doesn't want to hurt a soul gets transported to a torture zone called ED- Exiled Demon school- there she has to put up with her friend drama, school rivalry, madness, and many other things....

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Chapter 1.

Save me?

"No!" I screamed wile being dragged out of my own home. I just turned 13 the time demons like me go to cause distruction on the mortal world, and if you refuse-like me-you go to ED school. Exiled Demon school. It's not even a school it's a torture zone! You go to learn bad from good, and use your hate from that place on helpless humans. I  hated the thought of it. "NO!" I kept screaming watching my mother and sister cry for me. My father didn't care he just watched me in disgrace shaking his head. "Let me go!" I kept protesting , struggling, and flapping my bat-like wings trying to free myself. I was thrown into the ED's van, or "School bus". I started punching the door in anger, but my anger soon turned to sorrow. I slid my back down the dented metal door. I began to cry into my hands hoping to be saved somehow. "I didn't g-get to say g-goodbye." I sniffled. I just kept crying. My sisters only 6 she shouldn't be going through this! I failed everyone... My sister... my family... myself. I didn't notice yet but the "Bus" was moving. I listened to the torturers, or "Teachers" conversation.
"Next on the list of damned demons...Daniel Mercer." One voice said.
"Hey check out this kids records. Man this kid is BAD...should we take him to ED. I mean just look at this." Another voice said in amazement.
"We have to...hey. looks like we have a runner." The van stopped, and the sound of car doors close was heard after. I sat feeling helpless, and alone. I wonder what they do at ED anyway. I thought of all the horrors that place could hold for the slaves being brought.
"Get the f**k off of me!" A guy yelled. I'm guessing it's Daniel.
"Shut up!" One of the "Teachers" scolded. A boy hit the vans floor with a loud thump.
"Shit." The boy whisper-yelled wile getting off of the ground. He sat clearly pissed. The rest of the ride we sat in silence...or I fell asleep. I woke with my head on someone's shoulder. He also was asleep, and had his head rested on top of mine. I didn't want to wake him, but then the doors opened blinding both of us.
"Wakey. Wakey. Your first day of school awaits." One of the b!tches smirked wile entering the van. He grabbed my upper arm, and dragged me out. He grabbed Daniel with his other hand.
"F**K off!" Daniel kept yelling fowl language as I stood horrified by the sight in front of me. THIS is ED school...it looks...amazing. I looked to Daniel. The "Teacher" had him in a one-arm head lock. He was right next to me also starring in amazement.
"Ok. Kiddies the two of you are in room...336." The other man smirked.
"Wait! A girl and a guy being roommates! You guys allow that!" I yelled. No way am I going to be stuck with a guy I don't know especially in this insane asylem!
"Nobody gives a f**K here so yes you two are roommates." The guy holding us whispered. I looked to Daniel again he looked calm like he didn't care. How could he be calm! For all I know he could be a rap!st ! Someone save me...please?
You guys will never guess my inspiration for this, but it was a song. Hollywood Undead~Lion
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on June 15, 2014
So asome!
on June 15, 2014
on June 15, 2014