A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

A girl named Elizabeth, an orphan, finally gets a family. She expects the family to be having her for the money the government pays them. What happens when she finds the mother isn't an evil person? What happens when the pleasant family she now has lives get turned around?

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Strangest of Strangers.

Strangest of Strangers.

I sat in the back seat of a social workers car, my backpack laying beside me as I waited to be summoned inside the lovely house, just up the sidewalk. My headphones where blarring, my thoughts calm and collected. I was changing the song on my Ipod when someone knocked on the window & the car door opened, making me jump.
"It's time, Elizabeth." The social worker smiled letting me step out with my bag. "We have the paperwork signed and I think you'll like them." I rolled my eyes and kept walking up the sidewalk, she got that I wanted her to leave me alone and began to get into her car. I knocked on the door and a young girl answered it, she was around the age of five which surprised me. I thought I was going to be stuck with some dead beat parent alone and have to fend for myself. The little girl is adorable and I can't believe that she would ever be here with a person like that.
"I'm sorry but mama is cooking right now." She smiled and let me inside. "I'm Rena."
"Hi, I'm Elizabeth..." I smiled back hesitantly following as the little girl walked into a kitchen where a young woman raced around franticly.
"Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!" She held a glass of water and threw it at a burning mass, putting it out. Rena laughed and I sat there wide eyed. Who did that lady just leave me with? The woman's eyes landed on me and she smiled warmly trying to set aside what just happened. "Hello, Elizabeth." She scrapped the burnt mass into a trash can and put the pan it was in into the sink.
"H-Hi..." This chick must be a psychopath. Rena ran up her, giving her a hug with a giggle. The woman picked her up and rested Rena on her hip.
"I guess you met my daughter, Rena. I'm Mary and welcome to our home. Sadly you can't meet my son. He's currently at his fosters house but you'll probably meet him at school tomorrow." She laughed nervously and walked out of the room letting me follow behind as she led me into a living room. "Make yourself at home, kiddo." Mary smiled then left me alone taking Rena with her. Since it's my first day in her house wouldn't she be annoying me with to do's and what not to do's? Apparently she likes her space. What does she do when she has her free time though? I walked after them leading back to the kitchen, and opened the door slightly so I could see them. Mary was washing the tray that used to hold that monstrosity that it held, Rena stood beside her.
"Mama? Why do I have to drink this?" Rena asked slightly coughing, her tiny hands holding a cup as she looked into it.
"It's tea sweetie. It'll help with that chough of yours, and you'll get better soon. Do you not like it? You don't have to drink it, if you don't like it." She smiled warmly taping the tip of Rena's nose lightly making her giggle.
"I like tea." She smiled back and took a sip from the cup. So she's just helping her child? I smiled at the scene that just played before me and closed the door, it being silent. I walked away from the kitchen door and walked down the thin hallway that had two open passages leading to the living room and a dining room, a closet on the other side of the hall. I must've not noticed the stairway which had white Christmas lights littering the railing and posts. It was cool to have something so out of the ordinary be an everyday thing for them. Mary seems better than I imagined a foster mother to be. I walked up the glowing stairway hesitantly to meet with four rooms, one of which a bathroom, but are one of these rooms suppose to be mine?
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