They said..

They said..

Just a small thing I put together in my mind, not linking it to anybody, just thought I'd write it down. I don't know xD

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They said..

They said I was gullible, but now I have trust issues.

They said I was dumb, but I have all A's and B's on tests.

They said I was boring, but I have a large group of people who watch me draw.

They said I was wimpy, now I'm in the soccer team.

They said I was small, but now I'm the tallest kid in class.

They said I'd never have friends, but look at me, making friends wherever I go.

They said I was weird, but my friends decided to join me in being weird.

They said I was an idiot, but I turned it on them.

They said I wasn't strong, but I'm winning depression.

They said I was their friend, but they ditched me.

They said they'd be there, but they were with their boyfriends.

They said they'd be available every hour I needed them, yet they blocked my number

They said.... I would never be cool like them, but I'm cool enough is what the others say.

They said they never had time, when all they did was watch T.V.

They promised to help me when I couldn't do things emotionally, but they just tossed my emotions away like trash.

They promised to respect me, but a few hurt me.

They promised to stand up to bullies, but look at me, being tossed side to side.

They promised I was going to always be able to be considered a best friend, but I'm just a friend, now.

They promised to stand by my side, fight the wave of depression that slowly came back, but they lied.

They promised to be funny when I needed a smile, now they force one upon me.

They promised to be the craziest but funnest people, now all we do is talk about boys, and how cute they are.

They promised not to lie, but that's all they seem to do now..

They said I'd NEVER be special, but I have someone who thinks otherwise. And they're not leaving me, they're not breaking my trust, they're not ditching me, they're supporting me, they're helping me stand up to others, they help me when I need to talk to someone, they think I'm cool and funny, and they love me. So ha, to all those people who doubted me, you just lost a great friend...
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