Aparra part 3

Aparra part 3

If you've read the first two chapters in my series Aparra you know what Aparra's secret is. michio has one too find out what that secret is in the third chapter of my manga series

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Michio's Secret

Michio's Secret

          The next day at school after the first half of the day came break time when we eat lunch and all that. During break, I hung out with Michio. He told me to meet him  after school again. After all classes were over i went to find him in the forest where he had told me he'd be. I looked around he was nowhere to be found. "Lookin' for me?" i turned around to see that it was Michio. "How did you get there?"i asked. ''I did it using my power."he answered. '' I can disappear and reappear at will." I smiled. "That's cool!''I complimented. "Not as cool as your power. I wish i could shape shift." "I think we both have pretty cool powers." i told him. We decided to mess around with our powers. I shape shifted into a wolf, Michio disappeared and reappeared over and over. We were having fun until we heard a voice whispering. I went back to my human form and Michio stopped disappearing.Then, the whispering stopped.I walked over to a bush. It was Ryota! He was holding a cell phone. He was making a video of us! I tried to take the phone from him but he ran. I easily caught up with him. He would not hand over the phone. "Delete the video." i demanded. "No, you evil werewolf!" he shouted back. I stepped closer he stepped back a little too quickly and fell. He hit his head on a rock and got knocked out. "Crap!" i said. "What are we gonna do?" "Well, said Michio first we delete that video, then we dump water on his head to wake him up." "Good plan." i said. I grabbed the phone and deleted the video. Michio found water. He cupped his hands and got some. He walked over to Ryota and poured the water on his head. Ryota did not wake. I poked his cheek. still no sign of consiousness. I did my wolf pose and howled so I could become my wolf. Once i did it i trotted over to Ryota and licked his face until he woke. "AGH!" he exclaimed obviously startled. I willed myself back to my human form. "Are you alright?" I asked "Yeah i guess." he said "Where are we? Who are you guys?"he said. Michio  and I were confused. "Uh, Ryota?" Michio asked "Who's Ryota? There are only three of us." He's got a  cuncussion." i said.

                             What will happen to Ryota? find out in the next chapter of Aparra!
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