everything my ocs have ever done

once upon a time, it was late and i was tired and hyped up on powerade.

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Chapter 1.

everything mason has done

- was born
- lost his sense of smell due to a traumatic experience in the second grade and everyone on the playground laughed at him because the short, fat kid fell off the swings and broke his face and had to get stitches after bleeding everywhere
- won his school spelling bee in third grade
- ignored his dad for two whole years after his mom died and didn't talk to him until his dad got remarried to chelsea's dad
- flirted with the guy his stepsister liked on multiple occasions
- convinced a bunch of people he was pregnant with the principal's baby in eight grade but he was really just fat
- kissed a femALE in ninth grade
- in the school play during sophomore year of high school, he ran across the stage naked in the middle of the wedding scene
- got into the most toxic relationship with the worst guy ever in junior year back when he was still recovering from kidney cancer, which was actually the reason he lost 97 pounds
- graduated high school
- applied to every single ivy league college and only got accepted into one
- in freshman year of college at yale, he organized a massive game of leapfrog and instead of walking to class, that's what they did
- made out with a hot pink fire hydrant in victoria's secret at the mall to show a girl how it was done
- flashed everyone at the mall on a see-through elevator on a dare
- ate a fly and recited the 'old lady who swallowed the fly' thing over the loudspeaker when he worked at a build-a-bear at the mall
- was kicked out of the mall
- recorded a three-day straight livestream on youtube playing call of duty with a mod where everything was candy-related, wearing nothing but a thong and a pirate hat
- moved from rhode island to wyoming in just three days after buying a townhouse with his stepsister
- didn't go outside for the first two weeks
- went outside and met a gay ice dancer
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-is gay for gay ice dancer
-brings home dying ice dancer with pneumonia
-goes to pet store with ice dancer and sister
on April 24
on April 24