The glitching Story characters Theme songs

The glitching Story characters Theme songs

This is a song I made for Speedglitcher . So If you can sing it how ever you want

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Chapter 1.
A Princess in Knight Clothing

A Princess in Knight Clothing

Lost the war to shadowers
Sent away from my universe onto a planet crawling
With shadowers

My friends might be gone
But I'll never stop
Until my last breath

I kill every shadower until there HISTORY
I'm too good to be alive
I'm a Hero too the humans

Chorus :
She's a Princess in knight Clothing
She fight until her final breath
With her friends

Speedglitcher :

My planet destroyed
Sent to earth
Protect The earthlings

Until my Final breath
I will fight
I rage the most
But  that doesn't make me baaaaaaaad

Speedglitcher talking and Chorus
I can't stand this ( She a )
I must get back ( Princess In  )
You know what I'llBE THE PROTECTOR OF THIS PLANET  ( Knight Clothing )

Speedglitcher singing :
I'm a Princess in knight clothing
Fight till my last breath
Because My planet destroyed

Fight like there no tomorrow
There no peace anymore
It war every where

No peace
War rages on
Until my last breatj

I'm a Princess in
Knight Clothing
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