You Have To Understand- (a Be More Chill one shot)

You Have To Understand- (a Be More Chill one shot)

This one is going to be focusing on Jeremy and Mr.Heere. It's a coming out sort of thing, but in the story Mr.Heere is just a little bit homophobic. So Jeremy is trying to convince him that it's okay and everything, to avoid having his dad hate Michael of course, or something. So a sMALL ANGST WARNING I suppose! It won't be that bad though ! (This story can also be found on my Wattpåd)

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You Have To Understand

Jeremy sat in silence, staring at the ceiling with his phone resting in his pocket. He had just had a conversation with Michael about the next big thing he would do.
They had been together for about three months, and barely anyone knew about it. Though most of the school most likely already found out and/or thought that they had been dating this entire time. Of course it was painfully obvious; the two boys couldn't keep themselves five feet away from eachother. The only person who Jeremy had been sure didn't know was his own father. Michael had urged him to tell him as soon as possible after he had just came out to his moms. Michael's parents had always been known to contact Mr.Heere the moment they knew about anything going on that they found interesting. Of course, after their children had been friends for so long, the parents grew closer to eachother. The only problem with telling Jeremy's dad is that, well, unlike Michael's who were very proud and happy for him, Jeremy hadn't even been sure if his father would be okay with homosexuality. Though Jeremy classified as a Bisexual, he still liked the same gender, and that was the main problem.
As Jeremy grew more anxious, he yanked his phone from his pocket, texting Mich as quickly as he could without making a typo. "I think I'm ready," He texted, "I'm gonna go tell him now."
Almost immediately, Michael responded with, "You've got this, Jere. I believe in you!" followed by a few heart emoticons. At least his boyfriend's confidence boosted his own- or at the very least caused him to be less nervous about such things.
"Here we go, Michael. Brb." Jeremy nodded, placing his phone on his bed set and making his way into the living area where his father could be found on the couch, watching television without pants on, naturally.
"Dad-?" He could feel his face heating up as his anxiety sped his heart rate, "Can I talk to you? There's something important you should probably know..."
Mr.Heere raised a brow, sitting up, although his posture was still in a slouched stance. "What's going on, son?"
"W-Well," He stuttered a bit, tripping over his words, "I've been wanting to tell you this for awhile now, but..."
"Don't tell me this is another computer thing."
"No, no!" Jeremy waved his hands around nervously as soon as his father interrupted him. "I just- I wanted to tell you that I, well, you see, I..." He gulped, shaking his head. "I like boys... and girls, too! But kind of, right now, I like boys. Dad, what I'm trying to say is, I!" He looked down at his dad as he wore a blank stare, waiting for him to finish his sentence. "I'm dating Michael, dad. It's been going on for a few months, too..."
A few minutes passed by in silence as Jeremy's sweating got worse, the back of his neck damp by now. "Well, Jeremy," His father started, "I can't say I'm surprised." He sounded mysteriously emotionless as he slowly looked up to his son, patting the couch cushion next to him.
Jeremy took the offer, sitting next to him as he crossed a leg over the other and slowly shrugging. "So, it's okay-?"
"I never said," His father quickly responded, "It was completely fine to me. It's just something that I expected from you. What, with how your mother raised you for the most part. Oh, son, your mother... What would she think about this?"
"I...." He felt his eyes start to burn as he held back tears the most he could, Jeremy's throat tightening within him. "I don't know, dad. I want to know what you think of this."
"Michael is a good kid. He has respectable..." He hesitated, "Parents... But I didn't think it would come this far. What happened to that Christine girl?"
"You know we didn't work out, dad. We're just friends now!" Jeremy avoided eye contact with his dad as he grit his teeth together. "I was hoping so badly that you would just be there for me. To tell me this was okay and that you supported me!" He went on a nervous ramble as his adrenaline kicked up, getting angry and upset with his reaction. "What, are you gonna say I can't talk to Michael anymore? Because you can't stop me! Do you really want to be that kind of parent?"
Mr.Heere blinked slowly, his expression softening slightly as he gulped, no words managing to escape from his lips.
"I honestly thought you were trying to change. I thought you would let me do what I want. I'm judged enough at school, I don't need it at home!" He slammed a fist on the arm of the couch, his adrenaline dropping to the bottom of his stomach as he began to shake anxiously, waiting for his dad's response.
His father sighed before clearing his throat. He felt sympathetic, more than he had been at the beginning of the conversation. "Son..." He placed a hand on Jeremy's shoulder, his fingers trembling for a few seconds before he spoke again. "I understand that you have your own preferences, and although I don't agree with them,"
Jeremy glanced over to him, a sparkle of hope in his eyes hidden by foggy tears.
"I'm going to try my best to understand them... It's hard without your mother, but we're going to get through this together, Jeremy." He gave a small smile, moving his hand up to ruffle his fingers through the teenager's hair. "Just make sure that if you do anything over PG-13, you do it at his house."
Jeremy's cheeks quickly tinted red from embarrassment as he gently pushed his father away. "Oh, dad, gross!" This caused Mr.Heere to let out a hearty laugh, placing a hand on his chest.
"I'm just making sure, son! Now go and do your- whatever you do. I have a show to watch!" Jeremy gave a nod as his dad unpaused the television, running back to his room and hopping onto his bed before texting Michael that he was back as quickly as possible.
"Alright, you're not dead, that's a plus!" Michael texted, Jeremy chuckling lightly as he read through it, "How did it go?"
Jeremy nodded, lying on his back as he lifted his feet into the air along with his arms. "It's fine. He's okay with it. It took awhile, but we got there."
"Cool! I'm still proud of you, man." Michael replied.
"Thanks. I'm lucky to have a dad like that, I guess. I'm gonna head to bed now though. Goodnight, Mich!" Jeremy buried himself in his blankets, laughing quietly at Michael's last response.
"Now if only he could put some pants on. I'll see you at school tomorrow, Jere. Goodnight, love you!~" Jeremy flushed a bit, texting back before sitting his phone on his night stand and drifting to sleep in his exhaustion.
"Love you too, Michael."
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