Trickery and sleep

Trickery and sleep

When Loki first attacked New York he had an hatred to mortals until he met Ebony, an astronomer who was very different from any mortal he had ever met but when he started to fall in love with her could he control his hatred?

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Chapter 1.


It was an few years ago when Loki reign on Asgard came to an end and then decided that he would try to take over the midguardian realm known as earth, He knew that mortals were vulnerable and would give in to his commands and rulings using an alien species called the Chitari  who could help take over. Loki lost the battle and ended up being taken back to Asgard where he ended up being held prisoner in one of the cells only for Odin to change his punishment and sent him back down to earth where he would learn how to get along with midguardians much to Loki disgust until one day an young midguardian  with an passion for astronomy and the passions of space changed his frozen cold heart and melted it. Her Name was Ebony Alice foster but Loki didn't know at first that she was the younger sister of Jane foster, the mortal who his Adopted brother Thor had madly fallen in love with when he was first sent to earth as an banishment for him going to Jotunheim without his fathers permission. Some would say that his love for the mortal was just an trick of his own magic whilst others would say it was true from the start.

(A/N there will be hints of an Asgardian love in this but this is mainly an more in depth of Loki and Ebony Romance)
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