Fusion/Titan Wars

The official story where you can request the fusion characters into an all out duel in either combat or gaming! WARNING THIS STORY IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE AGES 11 AND UNDER DUE TO PHYSICAL VIOLENCE during combat.

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Welcome one and all to the ultimate battle competition the dragons have had yet! This time, the fusion and Titan forms will be competing for glory and bragging rights for the title of who's best! Who could it possibly be? There's a winner every chapter created, so please do request your competitions and they'll be out as soon as possible!

PLEASE DO NOT ask when your chapter is going to come out the day after its requested, everyone has a busy schedule so please do take that into recognition. However, if the requested chapter does not come out in the duration of one week, feel free to leave a reminder.

For our audience, here's your battle request form!

_____ vs. _____
Combat: yes/no
Gaming: yes/no
Game (for gaming competition only):
Combat Scene (combat only):

Here are our wonderful fusion forms!
Sibling Clasher! (Greenstreak, Zircon, Mystery, and Wolfwings)
Natural Chaos! (Kaji, Aisu, Mizu, Shokku, Hasu, Typhoonclaw)
Black Shuriken! (Shadowstrike and Sonicblast)

And now our Titan forms!
Light Speed! (Sonicblast)
Rage Overdrive! (Zircon)
Guardian Spirit! (Borealis)
Ultimate Beast Mode! (Nightbeast)
Wolf Dragon Combo! (Wolfwings)
Dark Consumption! (Shadowstrike)
Blue Scorching! (Kaji)

We honor you being our guests here today, and we truly hope you do enjoy each competition to its fullest!

Gaming contests will obviously consist of board/video/card games versus each other.

A maximum of two dragons can be on one team.

Only one fusion form per team is aloud in a double battle.

Please do understand that these forms do seem overpowering, however these forms are only used by the dragons during normal stories IF NECESSARY! These forms are not used often at all.

None of the dragon's appearances will change physically, just in that specific request. Appearance changes include scars, burns, claw or tooth marks, blinded eyes, blood, etc.

Again, requests will guaranteed be accepted. Please do fill out the request form!

Constructive criticism is also aloud during the story, everyone always wants to improve.
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