More Roads to Follow

More Roads to Follow

A girl named Nattalie misses some old friends but when her mother manages to put up a surprise meeting everything goes wrong. Will Nattalie make it or will she choose the wrong path to follow?

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Dreams are weird.

Dreams are weird.

I sighed happily as the scent of pine filled my nose. the leaves from the trees around me chattering in the wind peacefully. I walked along a thin trail trying to catch my breath from running with my friends but sadly I was left behind in our race. I had to catch up but just listening to the forest was pleasant, a place this peaceful should stay. I heard my friends voices yelling for me and I ran to catch up only to find a deep ditch in my way, with them waving from the other side.
"Nattalie!" Jordan cheered happily.
"Jump over it." His older brother Easis laughed. "I'll catch you."
"I can't jump this! I'm too small! I'm only in second grade!" I protested looking for a way around.
"Jordan made it and don't worry I'll help you."
"I'll help too!" Jordan smiled.
I gave them both a worried look and took a couple steps back ready for a run and jump. "If I get hurt the both of you are dead." I took a deep breath and ran, I screamed as my foot slid against the edge of the ditch and flew me a bit lower than expected.
"Nattalie!" Jordan yelled worriedly. I hit the side of the ditch and was sliding down when my hand was caught making me scream a bit more.
"It's ok, Nattalie. I got you." I was pulled back up to meet with the boys. I looked at them both, a bit angrily and ran after them.
"You guys said I'd be fine!" They laughed as they ran from me. Soon the smell of burning oil filled my nose and I made a weird face getting worried. We're too close to the high way. "Wait!" I shouted to them, thankfully they where still in my sight as they ran into a clearing right next to the cars. Jordan looked behind himself and laughed not paying attention and was about to run into the road, when Easis ran after him. Jordan was too far for him to reach and to close to the road so he flung himself forward roughly grabbed Jordan's shoulder and pushed him back to the greenery. There was no time for anything to happen but screeching and a loud thud right before my eyes. I stopped, tears coming to my eyes as Jordan sat in shock. I ran to Easis's body which was laying in the road.
"Are you guys idiots?!" A man got out of his car, the front of it had blood. I looked at the man and then at Easis, a small stream of blood flowed across his face and his eyes where barely open just staring blankly ahead. Is he dead? The man took his pulse and hung his head. I looked back at Jordan, a woman was rubbing his back soothingly as he cried. I can't stand seeing my friends like this and the man didn't say anything about Easis.
"Easis?" I questioned tears still coming from my eyes he didn't look at me and kept staring blankly ahead. "Easis?!" I hicuped on a sob, I still got no answer or a reaction. I turned Easis onto his back and put my ear against his chest and listened. The soft thumping of his heart was gone, leaving the stabbing silence behind. I sat up but kept my head hung low.
"...Nattalie..." I heard Easis's voice quietly whisper. He's not here anymore though it cant be him. "Nattalie..." I choked on another sob but squeaked when someone grabbed me with slime covered hands. I looked up thrashing to get out of the person's grasp. The person infront of me was covered in blood and I looked at them wide eyed as Easis sat there his hands smearing blood on my shirt's sleeves and his eyes a clear white. His hair was coated in the thick substance and a stream still ran from his wound. I couldn't do anything, I was so shocked. "Don't worry Nattalie...I got you..." blood began to pour from his mouth and my eyes widened even more as I screamed and looked around franticly for someone to help me. The problem was, there where no more people. The man, woman, and Jordan along with the cars on the high way where nowhere. The leaves from the trees still chattered but it was more like they where crying for help with me. I looked at the forest the thin trail would be my only escape if I could get out of his grip.
"Someone, help me! Please! Anyone!" I looked back at Easis who just smiled warmly at me and moved some hair from my face.
"It's ok Nattalie, I got you..." He spoke soothingly as I trembled. "Everything is going to be fine..." He laughed.

I sprung from my bed in a cold sweat with tears in my eyes. It was almost as if that was real, I could feel the slimmy blood on my arms and the guilt that stained my heart. I'm just happy that isn't what truly happened. I looked at the clock 1:26 AM. I sighed and let my feet touch the freezing hardwood floor then walked to the rest room. I ran warm water in the sink and dampened a washcloth and cleaned my non bloodied arms and washed away the tears. I couldn't stand to look at the mirror, it was my fault Easis was ran over that day. I shouldn't have chased them for saving me...thankfully Easis is kind and survived my horrible mistake. I miss him and Jordan...a lot.

~depressingness on the first chapter >:3 and the pic is Nattalie~
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