The Great Race 14

The Great Race 14

Ready for a race around the world. For 1 million dollars. 18 pairs of 2. This is basically like The amazing race.

published on December 04, 20188 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Starting the race

Lydia: Finally getting the first tip.
Jack: Just like we deserve to,
Lydia: So... we're we going.
Jack: Hmm... looks like India

Thomas: Hey look, we're going to India.
Cyra: hmf...
Thomas: Guessing your still mad.
Cyra: You think.
Thomas: I guess what I did was kind of stupid.
Cyra: Oh... it wasn't kind of stupid. IT WAS VERY STUPID!
Thomas: Yeah...

Ruby: WOOO! Final 5. Awesome.
Misty: Careful there.
Ruby: What?
Misty: The past teams who celebrated getting far. Have lost the same day.
Ruby: Oh yeah. Sorry.
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