Ice Queen (rewrite)

Ice Queen (rewrite)

"The flick of an wrist, an wash of emotion and an blast of ice will appear" Aneria When Crystalla was only an innocent seven year old, her world changed forever with the flick of the wrist and an wash of Emotion and an blast of ice will appear. It was an spell that was placed on her, an spell that leads to abuse, her parents and the love of her life but one Question remains, can she control her gifts or will fear take over?

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Chapter 1.

Fourteen years ago

"It's an funny things life, it's full of surprises and twists, full of heartbreak and lost but never full of power. Powers to control and to make your own but you must be gifted and you must learn how to control your gifts of else, life gets miserable and you become Isolated." ~Aneria~

Crystalla Allenova Francis Romanoff was an ordinary little girl living an ordinary life, she lived with her Aunt in an apartment in Manhattan, New York since her parents had pasted when she was born, her Aunt Anita used to say that they died In an car crash an few days after she was born. Crystal has cherry red hair, she had misty green eyes and light freckles on her cheeks  that showed on her fair skin against the brilliant red colour hair. She had her own bedroom which was the colour of light pink with white strips painted along the bottom but it was an room she always felt safe in, or at least used to feel safe in.
"Crystal, sweetie go and play with your toys in your bedroom and I shall tell you when your dinner is ready" Her aunt says before turning back to the pots on the stove, hearing the giggles that formed as she ran up the stairs and into her bedroom, her stuffed Rabbit moonie sitting perfectly still on her pillow.
"Come on Moonie! We have an princess to save!" Crystal says to herself before taking her teddy from her pillow and heading over to her princess Castle,  her dolls waiting in the various rooms.
"Are you sure she is perfect for the gift? She is an child after all"
"Yes she is perfect, all it will take is an bit of self control" the voices outside say before an gently breeze enters the room and straight to little Crystal.
"All we do is wait as the ice will slowly start to mix in with her vains, it won't kill her or damage her but it will make her feel cold for an moment." The voice outside says again, watching with an eager grin as the child shivers and stops suddenly as the cold left her, Crystal had ignored the shivering and continues to play with her toys in the castle.
"All we do now, is let her decide what she does with her powers, she can accept them or she can reject them" the voice says again before turning into an snowflake and flying away from the window.
"Crystal! Your dinner is nearly ready!" Her aunt yells
"Okay Auntie!" Crystal says before putting her doll back into the castle and standing up, an icy hint glued near her foot and following her as she made the journey to her bed.
"Moonie! Why are you so cold? Did you forget to wear..." Her sentence worn thin as she saw what had really happened, her teddy was now covered in ice and so what the floor.
"Auntie Anita! Auntie Anita!" Crystal yells loudly before running down the stairs, ice following her.
"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? YOU STUPID CHILD!" And with that said her hand raised and landing hard onto the small child's cheek, stinging it with pain and this is what started the years of unwanted abuse.
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Here it goes again!!!!! *squeal*
on November 24, 2016