Have Faith

Have Faith

Once upon a time, Alice Monroe wasn't looking where she was going. Once upon a time, Faith Gardner ran into her.

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Chapter 1.

The Thing About Faith

People are strange. Some tall, some short. Some round, some slim. Some with allergies, some without. Some are stalkers, some are being stalked. Some emotions, some cold, Some pretty, some horrendous. Some sweet, some creepy. We're all different, we all have ways people are attracted to us, so why are some just unliked? I believe everyone has at least one quality that someone appreciates them for. People shouldn't be excluded, or invisible to the rest of the world. I run into people a lot. I know, I know - what do I expect, living in New York? The thing is, though, I'M the one getting dirty looks! They're always running into me! Well, at least, that's what I thought until I met Faith.

The thing I love the most about Faith would have to be her eyes. They're beautiful. A shiny, pale brown. Of course, Faith doesn't know that. Faith doesn't even know ME. And she probably never will. That's the thing about Faith; she's just a girl I found online. Actually, she's not just a girl. She's a tall, beautiful, popular girl that goes to my school. She's in my grade. She's perfect. But, as a person who prefers to live her life on the sidelines, fearing utter rejection, I can't even talk to her. She doesn't know I exist, and that's how I'd like to keep it. Of course, Central Park had other ideas.
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