The challenge Revived #44

The challenge Revived #44

So this'll be the final 8. How great. And no more points. Is this wonderful

published on October 01, 201819 reads 4 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Pred: Ok, to make up missing a few days. This'll be a double elimination.
Thomas: Great... to increase my chance of getting eliminated.
Pred: Do you really think your going to last much longer.
Thomas: Yes. Because I'm the greatest.
Pred: Keep telling yourself that.
Laurens: Can we get on with it..
Pred: Sure thing.... Hazel is safe with 1 vote.
Hazel: Wooo...
Pred: Justin is also safe, with 1 vote
Justin: Yay!
Pred: The remaining contestants all got more than 1 vote. And one 1 more person is safe... Either Thomas, Derp, or Laurens. Guess what Laurens?
Laurens: what?
Pred: You got 4 votes. Your eliminated.
Laurens: I knew it *dies*
Pred: now only Thomas and Derp remain
Pred: And with 3 votes.... Eliminated is....
Thomas: Hurry up...
Pred: Thomas. Derp, your safe with 2 votes.
Thomas: Guess what... *punches Pred*
Pred: *kills Thomas*
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Rip Thomas
on October 01, 2018