Abandoned With Cannibals

Abandoned With Cannibals

Hyacinthe's was going on a date with her boyfriend, and later that night he abandoned her in a European forest (she lives in Europe) , a few cannibals spotted her after a few days, the hunt began right then. Will she be able to escape the forest?

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

Hyacinthe woke up to get ready for school, she ate the breakfast her mother made her, took a shower,  got changed brushed her teeth, blow dried her hair, brushed her hair, and applied some makeup. Her mom then called her downstairs since it was almost time to go to school.

After a few minutes she went outside to see her mother waiting in the car. She went into her mothers car. Once she got to school she said goodbye to her mother and exited the car. Her friends then walked up to her with shining bright smiles on their faces. She walked with them to their first period class. Hyacinthe sat down, her friends did as well.

A few minutes later the teacher, Mrs.Green started teaching. Hyacinthe soon was getting bored, she couldn't wait for her date tonight with her boyfriend, they've been together for three years. Hyacinthe got lost in her thoughts, and she wasn't paying attention when the teacher said for the class to open their textbooks to page 157. Soon enough the teacher closed her own book in front of Hyacinthe's face, and that resulted her to snap out of her thoughts.  "Huh?" Hyacinthe said confused. "I said, turn to page 157." Said Mrs.Green. "Oh, yes ma'am." Hyacinthe said as she did as she was told. Mrs.Green walked away and went to the board and turned around and looked at the whole class. "You will be doing book work today." She said as everyone groaned.  Everyone pretty much stayed in the same classroom, except for at lunch, pretty strange for a high school I guess. Hyacinthe started doing the book work. Hyacinthe was very confused on what to do, even though she knew the class has gone through the lesson, but since you were allowed to look at other pages to find answers, Hyacinthe was relieved. She waited most of the day for school to just end, since she was bored most of the time.

Finally school ended after a few hours. As soon as the bell rang, Hyacinthe stood up and went to her locker to put her books and supplies up. Right when she was about to leave someone called her name and she turned around to see her boyfriend Jake. "Are we still going on the date tonight?" Jake asked. "Of course, Jake!" Hyacinthe said to him. "Alright, can't wait!" Jake said as he walked away grinning evily. Hyacinthe then waited for her mom to pick her up. Minutes later her mom showed up and Hyacinthe got in the car.
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