Super natural with original cast (not from the show not even the buzzfeed blue one)

Super natural with original cast (not from the show not even the buzzfeed blue one)

The original cast was Jason hyper John James lucky sapphire Samantha yameilette silver hydro tappdancing the new ones only 2 those are flame (me) and blur blitz which is blur blitz is Samanthakittycat oc I forgot about James

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Chapter 2.


John:guys wait stop running let's go back to the camp and get the girls we can't bail on them
Hydro:nope they get free them selfs if you guys are going back I'm staying right here
Flame:fine jackass
Jason:hydro do you care about anyone
Blur blitz:this is why you have no friends
×John Jason flame blur blitz  and hyper walk back to the camp×
Hydro:×sitting down×
Matt chesterfield:×grabs hydro and covers his mouth×
Hydro:×trys to shout for help can't×
Yameilette:wait do you think the boys made it out girls
Lucky:I'm sure they did I mean after  all Jason knows a lot about survival
Tappdacing:him again
Hydro:wait don't leave if you do the bear trap on my head will kill me
Sapphire:how did that happen
Matt chesterfield:can't you tell who just so you know I got the rest of the boys too
×the world shakes for a bit×
Matt chesterfield:huh eh doesn't matter but I got the boys
Flame:×whacks Matt chesterfield×not all of them!
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