Super natural with original cast (not from the show not even the buzzfeed blue one)

Super natural with original cast (not from the show not even the buzzfeed blue one)

The original cast was Jason hyper John James lucky sapphire Samantha yameilette silver hydro tappdancing the new ones only 2 those are flame (me) and blur blitz which is blur blitz is Samanthakittycat oc I forgot about James

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Chapter 1.
There here

There here

Jason:×jumps really high out of the bus and looks really happy and lands×hehe haha!
Jason:shut up party pooper
Hydro:×looks pissed×
John:×comes out×do you guys always have to fight
Blur blitz:John is right
John:thanks blur blitz
Blur blitz:no problem
Samantha:boys they fight each other when they get a chance to
Yameilette:tell me about it
???:×blows a whilste really loud×shut up!!!!!
Jason:okay grandpa hahaha!
???:shut up  jackass listen up I'm the camp counselor  here my name is Matt  chesterfield  
Hydro:×trying not to laugh
Tappdacing:×looks annoyed because of Hydro×
Matt chesterfield:okay boys line up and girls line up
×the boys and girls line up into separate lines from each other×
Flame:×sits down and looks bored×
Matt chesterfield:every day there's a test to tests your skills the 1st one is a course when I blow my whilste go and this isn't a race got it
×all the boys and girls shout-out  got it!×
Matt chesterfield:also one boy and one girl at a time ×blows the whilste×(I can't spell a few things or auto correct so keep that in mind)
Flame:×starts to run×
Lucky:×eats cakes and has boost of energy and gets through the course×
Flame:×goes into fire form and goes through walls really quick×
Matt Chesterfield:next 2 people up go!
John:×jump over a pit×come on Yameilette!
Yameilette:×use super speed and speeds over the pit×
John:yay friend
Yameilette:thanks John
John:your welcome let's keep going
Matt chesterfield:next!
×time passes so it's night time all×
Hyper:×can't sleep and walks out of the cabin to the girls cabin and wakes Tappdacing×wake up I gotta tell you something  
Hyper:I think Matt the camp counselor  is hiding something  
Tappdacing:let's get Yameilette and Jason to help
×later that night×
Hyper:so Jason and Yameilette I think Matt the camp counselor  is up to something  
Jason:but what?
Yameilette:maybe he kills
Tappdacing:let's just go
Jason:×walking and stops×he has a weapons room and a room he use to use to put people into a cage when he kills people
Tappdacing:I hear Matt hide
×everyone hides×
Matt chesterfield:should I kill them cause I'm really hungry
Jason:×sneaks out and run to the boys cabin and goes into the cabin×guys the camp counselor  is gonna  kill us!!!!!
×everyone wakes  up×
John:I see him coming
Blur blitz:the back
Hydro:×breaks the back door and runs out×come on!
Matt chesterfield:were are you guys!!
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