The Tears.

The Tears.

The tears stung at her eyes. Nobody was there. The tears fell onto the floor and her arms dripped the red liquid that reminds us that we're alive. !TW!

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-one shot-

((TW - Suicide and shit))

The tears dripped down her face. She was heartbroken and alone. The love of her life had left her. Nobody could hear her sobs. Or they could and just didn't care. Probably the last one.

Her head hurt from crying, her arms dripped from cuts, her eyes hurt from the tears, her body was shaking with the pain, her heart ached from the recent events. Did her girlfriend ever actually love her? Who would love her, though? That's a straight nobody.

She knew she should move on but she couldn't. How could she? Her love could be dead already. And nobody gave anything. Hell, and they knew what had happened. But did they try? No. No, they didn't.

She looked at her knife. "Nobody cares about me..." she whispered, narrowing her eyes. She, shakily, reached over to the knife. She took it and held out her left hand, running it over her arm. After more blood dripped from the freshest wounds, she did the same with the other arm. Then, she went to her legs and hips. She wrote 'Nothing' down her stomach.

"I'll show them..." She whispered, staring at the knife. They all thought she was fine, they all thought she had an easy life, but they were far from correct. She closed her eyes and ran the knife against her neck. Blood dripped from her neck and mouth.

But it wasn't enough. She could still feel the heart ache; she was still alive. She stood and walked, well, more like stumbled, to the garage. She took the gun her dad had. She, slowly, stumbled back to her room. She was dull with pain. Her eyes shown no emotion.

The words echoed in her head...

'Useless' 'Worthless' 'Annoying' 'Nobody cares' 'She hates you' 'She doesn't want you' 'Nobody wants you' 'Just go die' 'Kill yourself' 'Overweight' 'Unhealthy' 'What is THAT?' 'Just go away' 'Nothing' 'Attention-seeker' 'Go drink bleach' 'Whore' 'Slut'

So many insults. Having been said to her by her by others and even herself. She couldn't stand it anymore; she couldn't risk anything anymore. Why had all of this happened to her? She was to weak to take it all. Blood dripped from every single wound on her body, fresh and reopened. She closed her eyes, soaking in the pain.

School was stressful, home was hell, and nobody bothered to help her. She always sat in silence in her room, trying to ignore every single thought she got, she always tried to sleep. She always said she wanted help but never got any. A little of love is all she needed. Just...a little bit...even a hug would do and at least one encouraging word.

Was that to much to ask for?

Well...that seemed to be the case. At least, in her mind it was the case. "W...Why..." She whimpered, tears falling onto the ground. She heard the soft ding-dong of her phone; meaning she had gotten a text message.

She laid the gun down and checked her phone. She read the text aloud, "Hey, you can make it through everything! I promise you! And it'll all pay off one day!"

She smiled slightly and checked who it was from; It was from Ocean. Someone she knew that always sent people she liked encouraging messages at twelve o'clock.

"Of course it's you..." She whispered, replying to the text with 'Aw..thanks. This helped.'

Soon, she was being spammed with nice words and encouraging speeches. She couldnt help but laugh and giggle at Ocean's attempts.

Little did she know,

she had fallen for Ocean.
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