The Reason I Love You (A Klance Fanfiction)

I was having trouble writing something so I listened to a few songs and one of them gave me the idea for this fanfiction. I hope you like it! Note: This is still a work in progress

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The Reason I Love You

Keith was never really honest about his feelings, he just always kept them bottled up. No one ever questioned this, no one but...Lance. He would always hang around and keith never knew why. One morning, Keith was walking around lost in thought, when he passed by Lance’s room.
“No no, I can’t say that! I’ll be too awkward!”
Keith shrugged it off. Lance was most likely fretting over how to get Allura to accept his feelings or something. Moving on, Keith went to check on Red. He felt more relaxed when around the lions.
Everything was quiet for awhile until…
“Hey Keith! How’s it going?” Lance flashed a smile as he dashed over to Keith’s side.
“Oh, hey Lance.” He gave a calm nod, not really showing any fact that he cared the blue paladin was there. Lance sat next to Keith, looking up at Red. “Keith...there’s something I need to tell you.” His voice was soft and low. Turning to face him, Keith tilt his head with confusion.
“What is it?”
Lance hesitated for a moment, then his gaze met Keith’s. “I...I like being around you. I like it when you’re happy.” His face turned a shade of red as he went on.
“Your smile is beautiful, your eyes like the stars in space. And after all we’ve been through…”
Keith still didn’t quite understand. He was about to speak when he locked eyes with Lance; the next line taking him by surprise.
“I’m not sure you know...That the reason I love you is you.”
He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Lance...Loved him? “Lance I…” He was at a lost for words. Lance sighed and got up to leave, but right at that moment Keith grabbed his arm. “I love you too...” HIs words were quiet and full of emotion. The two stood in silence for some time, just looking at each other. After some time, Lance smiled and began to laugh. “You know, you’re cute when you’re blushing.”
“W-what?!” Keith covered his face, somehow not realizing till now that he had been staring and blushing. Lance kissed him on the cheek and smiled. “It’s okay, don’t worry so much.” He chuckled and together they walked to the main area of the castle.
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