God's unfavorite child

God's unfavorite child

"I'm like the little red riding hood" she picked the book with her small hands "would I be eaten as a whole by the wolf?" She hit the book on her father's head , who had no word to say, sobbing inside. He closed his eyes and answered "a will to live saves everyone" Years after , lying on the sofa , Should I consider myself as dead or alive? If I am very much alive, why do I need to do this"

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Chapter 1.

Just a loving family

"Kim...Kim ..Mr Kim. So tell me. How were you so certain if the car came from the east? If you didn't plan it, then may I know how you could tell?
"She's...my daughter!!" He held his chest in pain shrunk his nose in disgust and anger " why do you think I'd plan to kill my own kid?? And why would I save her then? " He teared out
"Well anger isn't the answer Kim. The men in the street say , a lady in black saved her , not you. You were apparently not in the crime scene" The detective   held his hand "You are under-"
"Not yet. You don't have anything to say against him . Show me the proof and I'll listen" the lawyer arrived at the crime scene
"Oh goodness. It was just my way of investigation. If you leave us we would-"
"I think you should give him a break" he pointed at the old guy breathing heavily.
"Alright" he rolled his eyes and sighed

"Mr Kim are you alright?"
"Y-yeah.." he brushed his hair
"That's good . I hope you will be ready for the court"
"Pardon???" He stuttered
"I mean, we might not really have a need but if the circumstances turn that way , I would want you to co-operate . Just be honest with me. I don't think this is the place to talk to, so , let's meet somewhere else. I don't feel safe here . " He glanced sideways at the nurse , covering the bruises of the small child , nervously treating her , she slanted slowly to the left , and gulped in a lump . As they glared at her an epiphany hit her to leave the place before she's become suspicious in their eyes.
She bows and jogs towards the door and runs out , pressing her purse tight and pulling out her phone . She dials to a number in her contacts "honey"

"Hello? Dear? " She looked behind and around  to make sure she's in a solitate environment.
"I!!told you!! Mr.Kim, the business man?? He...the one rumoured to date an actress?? Yeah. No no not the comedian Kim!! Goddamn, honey you're dumb " she giggled

"Okay okay whoever it is I believe you!! Haha!! But what's up
though? You're ..alright...even if one scar I find on you , I'm seriously going to sue his ass"
"That's not as easy dear"
"But!! You just see"
"Hey..can't you leave everything and come back here. I miss you . And I hate to be the one but I'm scared , Misa. Please don't see anything. Pretend that you can't fore see"
"Sweetheart!! Don't you worry.! You know how much of a bad bitch I am to deal with him . He's nothing to be paying a lot of attention to"
"I know...but aren't you giving attention ? I am not against you being badass justice woman. Heck I love superheros but a good super hero always is .."
"Dead? Which superhero comic is that depressing.? Justice wins no matter what. I might sound annoyingly optimistic but what I believe is what I do. Now enough with the life lessons . Call you back later. " She ended the call with no physical  hesitation but mentally , deep inside she's a fragile woman regretting her decisions.
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I will definitely be reading this
It's good I write stories and songs to you can look at on my old account
Thanks!! 💜✨
I wrote this for getting rep points lol but I do enjoy writing stuff. I'm glad you liked it !
Your welcome it was very good
11 days ago
11 days ago
11 days ago
I wrote this in a hurry . feel free to tell me if there's anything wrong
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